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# 1 Bad KDF Defera Runs
06-24-2013, 07:40 AM
Now I doubt this will be much of a thread as I have found the teams are always good, whether it's 3, 4 or 5 people, whether it's KDF or RRF characters.

However today I formed a team and we got one last player join. A romulan character though it makes no difference to me as we're all KDF at heart, or true Romulan fans. Either way, they wanted to do Probe first. For any of you who don't run the Defera hards, Temple -> Probe -> Power Plant -> City is the standard run.

I explained that Probe sometimes auto completes when doing Temple so we will do temple anyway. I didn't play attention if they did Temple with us, I am pretty certain they did. However as soon as it was complete I saw them running back to the transporter pad. That should have been my first sign.

The four of us did Probe and as soon as it completed they left the team and refused to rejoin. Obviously unlike others who do the whole run with the team even if they only need one mission, this guy/girl couldn't be bothered. I've had great games with KDF and Romulan characters and this is the first bad experience I've had with a KDF aligned player. The sad thing with this was there was a KDF player our entire run asking for a team, it would have been better they had joined for us and for him/her. While it's fairly easy as a 3 man run so it wasn't really any harder without the player it was a shame a player had to miss out on a run because behaviour like this.

The only other bad experiences I've had is helping Fed's doing their temple run while we wait for our turn, they rarely ever say thanks, I can only recall once a Fed saying thank you. But I don't expect much after watching my wife help our friend do a Fed run and seeing them yelling at her and my friend and yet they were doing stupid things and screwing up the mission. My wife and friend have done dozens of runs with me without incident.

So have you had any bad experiences in Defera as a KDF or RRF allied character? If so please post.

Also for any of you who do Defera but haven't joined KDFdefera channel is a good way to get teams going. It's golden as without it I doubt I would have gotten half the teams I have run during my time.
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06-24-2013, 08:17 AM
i've run defera a lot. most of the time its generally a positive experience. however defera is attracting all kinds of players because of the large amount of fleetmarks you can get at once.

on the positive, the majority of defera players are good ground players, know the missions are routes well and are generally patient with players that are new to the event.

However defera has been attracting more and more people that are looking for easy fleetmarks. I have no doubt that at this moment there are 50 players leeching temple: higher ground, most likely the person that joined your team wanted to leech probe but was tired of waiting.

I haven't had the experience you had with someone joining and dropping team just for probe. I have seen some other things, like people kicking teammates for mistakes and "queue jumping" for temple hard.

For me the biggest fault of defera has always been the significant number of bugs there rather than the players. The players generally all have a common goal of working to build up their fleet bases and its very common to see mixed teams representing some of the largest and some of the newest fleets working together despite being in competition with each other.

As for not saying thanks for Temple Hard. I've been both on the receiving and the giving end of help. Its generally not needed, and the waiting team usually just helps to kill time or make sure that the active team wins quickly. Chat switching to say thanks is generally a pain, especially for something minor.

It slightly irks me when teammates say thanks when I revive them in STFs too, I would rather have them use those key presses for a hypo and primary weapon fire than the gesture (I've often seen players get killed again in the middle of thanking).

Honestly the best thanks you can give me as another team on Defera, is do what you came to do as quickly as you can and move on so we can do what we need to do.

oh and I personally prefer the city>pp>temple>probe route myself I like to get the buggy one done first and increase the likelihood of another team doing probe for us
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