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OK, I wasn't sure where to put my request here or in the interface forum, but since it center on DOffs...

Something happened yesterday that almost left me devastated.

I was reviewing DOff assignments, and mistakenly clicked on the Abort assignment button in the bottom right corner of the UI. This had the unwanted effect of cancelling the assignment mission that was currently highlighted... which unfortunately happened to be Raise Adult Epohh.

When I realized my mistake, I was distraught that I had just lost a potentially 400 Romulan Mark Epohh....

And this is not the first time I accidentally thought that the button in the bottom was a close button.

No, there was a happy ending to this, the adult Epohh I was raising went back into my inventory, so I just restarted the assignment.

But this sequence of events was most disturbing.

I started thinking, everything in the game that you remove or cancel as a warning window that appears making sure you want to do what you are about to do. Shoot, even acquiring items has one too.

So why do DOff assignments don't' have this feature?

So, I am making a feature request for this. I would probably save many form agonizing that something very valuable did not just go POOF! into the void.

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06-24-2013, 07:47 AM
Just start it again, no need to agonize.
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06-24-2013, 08:26 AM
all you lost was time, unless it was a rare assignment, then you also opportunity. Your spent materials are returned. The and elder epohh is an elder epohh, no matter the quality you get the same marks and you cant fail that assignment

no real need for a double check. I've made the mistake before too. Different placement for the abort button would be good though.

but there are real issues in the game that need addressing first

for example our ships have pointed backwards leaving Iota since Beta testing
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06-24-2013, 09:01 AM
Yes, I do realize there are other things in the game that need fixing, I would love my Aquarius escort not be the same size as my Oddesy saucer, not mention having fleet marks put back to Nukara... but a digress.

Just a little feature request. No biggie.
Basically just thowing it out there.
Enjoy and have fun!
It is a game.

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06-24-2013, 10:12 AM
I too think there's much more important things to fix, expecially in the doff system, like, say, the doff system (see my sig)

but I'm with you on this because you're not the only one with this problem. It happens to me on occasion and this is getting irritating.

I mean, an error with an interface that only happens once may be yours fault, but if it keeps going on it's the interface itself that has a problem which misleads people about the real function of a command.

Just to be clear, the UI is AWESOME, pure awesomeness juice, I really love the new one over the old plastic-looking, eye-hurting one.

But nothing is perfect and everything costantly need tweaking, and about doff interface, that is the single command that need some serious change.

And about UI in general, as we're on it, please make it character-side. I prefere Klingon classic on Default, but I want it only on my Klink char and not my fed one.

And when I say character, I mean character, not faction. I may prefere Orion interface on my Orion former slave, but sure not want it on the above klink.

I wonder how they could have done such an awesome job one the new UI and missed on this simple matter.
About the rest, please bring back doff system alive as it was prior to dilithium extortion on academy services.

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