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Hi, Im having some difficulties logging in. I just moved into college, and everything was working fine the day before I moved. Now when I try to log in to the launcher, I press the login button and it does nothing. If I enter the wrong password, though, it will tell me it is invalid. When I try to log in to the game directly, it gets stuck on connecting to the account server. Ive tried every angle I could think of, even registering my device on to the college wi-fi network manually. I could use some help.

Thank you,

EDIT: I can log on to other games just fine, just not STO

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06-21-2013, 06:51 PM
Sounds like it could be selectively blocked. Since each game generally uses a different port, schools tend to block them as they come up. For example, my college had only wow, STO, TOR and a few others blocked and the rest would be added within a few days of a user logging in from any comp connected to the school network. If it was working fine before, it wouldn't surprise me if thats what is going on with you now. It implies someone else played STO on the school network at some point. Note that not all sysadmins make it known that such a thing is being done, they simply block the port.

So its either that, or you have some kind of odd error with the launcher. Seeing as you said it was working the day before, i'm inclined to go with it being the first option
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06-24-2013, 09:52 PM
I am hard wired. The same issues are occurring for me.

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