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06-27-2013, 11:47 AM
So, perusing some old stuff on the Interwebs, I found a link to a site called I Write Like. It does a statistical analysis of a writing sample (the longer the better, apparently) to figure out what popular author you write most like. (Spoiler: If you submit internet comments or blog posts, it will almost certainly tell you you write like Cory Doctorow.)

Out of curiosity, I started feeding it the stories I've written here. Apparently, my Nniol stories are written in a style similar to that of Dan Brown; my Grunt stories come across as flavored with Arthur C. Clarke; and my first tale here, of VA Sills and the Hans Asperger, resembled the writing style of Isaac Asimov. Heady company indeed!

I thought it was fun. Anyone else want to give it a shot?
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