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Sander233's characters V. Adm. Jesu LaRoca and Gen. Ssharki meet up on the pleasure planet paradise of Risa, amazed by the number of people complaining about "what a grind" it all is.

"Whaddaya think, Ssharki?" Jesu asks his hulking Gorn friend, as they watch a Reman zip by on the floater course. "Does that look like A GRIND to you?"

"Nope, that looks like fun! Hell, I'd do that just for kicks, and people are complaining about what, doing that twenty-five times? For a free ship? Are you freaking kidding me?"

"And the dance party?"

Ssharki sips his mai tai. "Beats the dance floor on your starbase, that's for sure. It's not as good as the snowman fight we had last winter, but hey, sure, I'll dance for trinkets." The Gorn scratches his bare chest. "I really don't understand Humans and their perception that anything you have to do more than once for a reward is a grind."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, take the Omega rep system for example. What did it take to get that up to tier five?"

"Not much. A couple of normal STF runs a day or one elite, even with a blown optional, got me enough marks to fill both daily rep projects and change."

Ssharki nodded. "Same here. And was that not fun?"

"Of course it was fun. I love killing Borg. Watching cubes explode never gets old."

"How about the Romulan Reputation?"

"Easiest thing in the world. You could fill that and get your gear in fifteen minutes a day without firing a shot."

"How's that?"

LaRoca removes his sunglasses and explaines. "Five minutes a day tagging epohhs, get that cycle going and you get four hundred marks every three-to-five days, easy-peasy. Then there's the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol - you know, the one that rewards sixty rom marks, or seventy-five during the twice-daily bonus mark event? You could hammer that out in half an hour just blasting ships from Narendra to Beta Thoridor - Tal Shiar, Klingon, Tholian, Gorn..."

Ssharki frowns.

"Or you could just park at Nequencia, and wheel and deal with the traders there five times in a row. Ten minutes, tops. Boom. 75 rom marks in the bag. That's the only real 'grind' as far as I can tell - just a bit of repetitive nothing, but again it's just fifteen minutes!"

"Well for my part, I just fed in all the marks I got breeding epohhs last winter." Ssharki takes another sip of his mai tai and asks "What about Nukara?"

"Even better. You got your Crystalline Entity, you got your Azure Nebula Rescue, you got your Vault Ensnared... all fun missions. Pick one, run it, take your Nukara marks, dump them in the rep project, done. Or go to Nukara Prime and kill spiders. That's still fun, right?"

"Hell yeah. I love stomping spiders."

"So we're agreed," Jesu says, replacing his shades as a lovely pair of Orions walks into view, "If you like killing Borg and spiders and have fifteen minutes a day to spare, the so-called 'rep grind' is no grind at all."

"That's the way I see it," Ssharki nods. "Same with fleet marks. There's a dozen different ways to get fleet marks, all fun."

"Well, fun if you like killing things or watching ships explode," Jesu says with a shrug. "Not everyone does, apparently."

"Well, even then, you can be a total peacenik and still contribute to your fleet. Officer of the Watch missions don't ask you to kill anybody, and you can turn in extra commendation XP for marks. Energy credits - you do Tour the Galaxy; the slowest ship out there can cut through four sector blocks four times in a row in an hour. With the right skills and gear, you can make two million ec, easy as walking. And dilithium? Mining, and Doffing. Open lockboxes for the rich mining claims, spend ten minutes in an EV suit, do it during the bonus hour and you've got 6,500 pieces of ore ready to refine. Get your DOffs going and you'll rake in enough to meet your daily quota."

LaRoca nods. "And if you don't mind killing people, ec and dilithium are even easier to come by. Heck, I make at least a million ec a day just selling off loot drops. And dilithium? I get that from exploration missions, STFs, fleet actions, PvP dailies, foundry content - all stuff I want to do anyway - and turning in excess rep marks if I somehow manage not to hit my refinery cap..."

Ssharki inhales the sweet salt air. "So the point is, this is a fun game that rewards you for having fun. The only so-called 'grind' in this game that can actually be considered to be just 'a grind' would be mining dilithium - ten minutes, big deal - or taking the easy track on Romulan rep, and again, fifteen minutes for a lot of marks."

"It's like the more boring content gives you bigger rewards by way of compensation," Jesu agrees. "And the really fun stuff, like foundry content and PvP, that's it's own reward. Whatever else you pick up from that is like a bonus!"

"So what are people complaining about?" Ssharki wonders.

Jesu LaRoca has no answer, and so he gives his friend a helpless shrug. They stare at the sun setting into the sea, and slowly tune out all of the gripers and whiners in the background.

"I won't try to hide behind the Law if what I stand for is what's Right."

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