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Having had more ambition than my actual motivation has been able to carry, I originally set out to create 4 new Romulan characters.

I'm nearing (within the next 2 weeks) completion of all 3 Rep systems on my initial Romulan Character.

However, at this point...

>The amount of different events you need to grind for different rep currencies.

> The generally tedious nature of buying an inputting small commodities (especially ground device consumables like hypos)

> The massive cost of expertise required (about 500,000 expertise PER Rep system, so about 1.5 million expertise for 3 systems - easy for old characters but yet another grind for new ones).

...have me uncertain I will even bother with a second new character, much less the 3rd and 4th.

Generally I log on, and there are things I have to do to earn rep that generally prevent me from playing the content that I actually want to play.

There are also other indirect advantages to not having multiple characters, as this game has pushed so far and hard into expensive, single character unlocks (DOFF Roster, Inventory slots, Bank Slots, Lockbox ships, fleet ships, dilithium store gear, Rep gear, fleet store gear, etc.)

So how about you? How are you taking the grind in stride?

How many characters will you maintain if they add another 1, 2, 3 or even 4 new Rep systems?

If in 1 year from now, there are a total of 6 Rep systems - would you even dare create a new character?

Keep in mind we have gotten 3 full Rep systems in the past 6/7 months.

What happens when a new faction is launched and you have to start all of it over again?

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