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I'll be un-front, I am highly displease with Attack Pattern Omega. It's a very cool thing, but that's indirectly why I'm angry with it. The tactical ships tree is summary about doing damage, to the exclusion of everything except tactical team. It takes ship that deliberately forgo survival or indirect attacks and removes the their disadvantages.

Which, again, makes it a very cool thing.

My problem is that it's almost exclusive to tactical ships, does more then any other single power, and negates the trade off such ships should be making while letting them keep everything they traded for. So, my suggestion is one of three things:

1) Invert the damage buff. Making ATO lower damage output.

2) Make the attack pattern a less abstract thing, and make the ship actually fly in a preset pattern outside the player's control.

3) Like extend shields, make it only affect allied ship, but never the owning ship.

I like three best as it has a number of secondary affects on a player's style of play. I think will help foster team play, and help negate lone wolf style play of escorts fleeing fights at will and with impunity. The third option like the first should, I think, only require flipping a single switch in a database somewhere.

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