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# 1 Account Wide Gameplay Issue
06-29-2013, 05:41 PM
Hi. I tried submitting this as an in-game ticket, but it shows I never submitted one, so yeah. This may also fall under a different area, since this seems to be an account issue. Considering it occurred while I was playing, I figured this would be the best place for this.

Yesterday, I installed the latest patch and went to play STO. While I was on my human FED character, Dorian, I added a new character to my crew. After adding said new character to my crew, it did not show him, but two versions of my Assault Cruiser ship. Puzzled by this, I tried leaving Earth Space Dock thinking it was just some kind of glitch and that would get rid of it.

Of course, it did not. I then tried typing something to say to someone else wondering if this may be a bug. That also did not work. Well, it worked, but like as if I had hit the enter button twice. I tried hitting the escape key to get to the menu, thinking that was where the bug report was. That also worked as if I hit it twice, instead of once.

Something else came up so I figured I'd deal with it tomorrow. The other thing was more important, so I left it.

So comes today, and low and behold. The issues where still there. I checked all my characters and while the two ships deal only is afflicting Dorian, I didn't dare mess with it on my other characters. Especially since the enter/escape issues were occurring on them.

With this, I figured I'd try re-installing the entire game. Deleted it and its registry files, rebooted, re-installed and, hello~ chicken strudel, still there.

As mentioned previously, I tried writing this up as a ticket as well, but it did not show in game if it had been received. I hope that it had. The weird thing is that when I was writing the ticket, the enter function would work as if I hit it once and while I was actually typing in the chat window.

For the record, both computers I tried playing on use Windows 7 (I was about to say 8, yikes). Before someone asks, I have taken care of the administator issue by allowing it to have administrator powers so that it can overwrites what it needs to. Since that can be an issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, I apologize if this did indeed end up in the wrong forum. I think its in the right one, but I might be wrong.

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