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I respect them all! Unlike others that make excuses when defeated, I choose the higher ground and honor them for I then can earn their friendship and learn to be a better warrior I am in RP 24/7. Do not be affronted. I Have caused the most glorious battles when most shy away they can be prodded, through their emotions.

It benefits us all, and the experience is as STAN LEE would put it.

The Legions of Thane Fleet is coming!
I just got my woman back, so im in a most gracious mood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw-JhSw2kpA For this game is the greatest Endeavor and I am working on the greatest Foundry Story that will have you in tears.

note the vid is of another game, but I got her back because of my actions here. She is a gamer too.

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