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I know I'm not the only one to have made one of these posts, but occasionally my desire to hear my own voice overrides my good sense to keep quiet

Anyway, here's a few ideas for improving the Reputation Experience on additional characters and in general.
  1. Remove/Reduce Timers After Reaching Tier 5
  2. Tier 5 Projects that reduce the input requirements for experience projects on other characters
  3. Re-evaluate project costs for the "inferior" gear that's offered at T5 (and lower) in the non-Omega reputation tracks
  4. Add a method to choose which available project offerings display when choosing a new project

A bit of explanation on the list items above:

1. In an interview I heard sometime in the last few weeks one of the Devs mentioned that one of the complaints they heard most often was the time it took to level up the Reputation System. I have to say I agree that the time factor is one that causes me, personally, to leave Reputations half-completed because I have the desire to move to another rather than spend a couple of months on that one character for a system I've already completed on another. On the other hand I do feel like there's a certain charm to taking the time on your first character to run that reputation.

2. This one's another complaint I've heard made, based mostly on the fact that you can't easily carry/store the number of Hypos, Sheild Charges, Major Regenerators, and Power Cells needed to advance the reputation system. Even now the only one you can buy (if not store) in bulk are the Hypos. One solution is to increase the stack size and grant a commensurate increase in the number you can buy at once. On the other hand, alternate accounts are rarely as resource rich as the originals and Silver players rarely have an account bank to facilitate easy transfer of EC and the EC costs of the rep system can quickly become a burden.

There's another side to this one as well - the Task Force Omega reputation system is rather easy to level as ESTF's provide enough marks for a person with only an hour's time to play each day to make anywhere from 120 to 225 marks (or more) without the aid of a bonus mark event, yet the other two are far more limited in the amount of marks that can be made in a similar time-frame. Which feeds into the next item on the list.

3. Obtaining marks both for leveling the reputation and getting top-level gear out of them is a major hassle if you're not doing the Omega Force Reputation and thus do not have access to ESTFs. The biggest example is the fact that the top-level Mk XII Omega Force space sets are not only head and shoulders above the Mk XII Very Rare New Romulus sets, but despite having a 25% greater cost in marks are much, much less effort intensive to obtain. My personal desire is to see these sets given a rework so that they're on par with the Omega Force sets, but seeing either the rewards for the queue events boosted further or making the equipment requisition projects cost fewer marks is easier, so long as the input effort to output reward is at least equalized with the Omega Force offerings.

4. As nice as it is that advancing the reputation track beyond a certain tier doesn't cause older project offerings to disappear it does make for a lot of clutter, especially in the Omega Force reputation where there's no less than three different version (Mk X, XI, & XII) of each ground set and most of the space sets, the ability to not have to very carefully make sure that the project you're about to pick is in fact the specific one you want would be wonderful, especially when switching from slot one to slot two uncollapses all the previously collapsed lists.

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