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Chevron Omega Force fleet (fed) was founded on 06/06/2013 (Stardate 91034.43). We had a very good start and had a few obstacles to face as a new fleet. But we grew stronger, and began to form the first building blocks for a stable fleet. Commodities were plundered, acquired and bought; Enemy fractions, pirates and their allies defeated and their contraband plus goods confiscated. Daily dilithium mining and energy credit operations became paramount for the fleets survival and stability.

As the fleet's progress was going smooth with operations, training and sharing of information, I began to steadily increasing the fleet?s numbers with good members, hopefully expanding the fleets force and potential to grow. Many plans have been set in motions and events posted on the roster.

The Omega directive remains a secret to only to the fleet's officers and the Admiralty of both united fleets, for now the fleet continues to explore, seek new experiences and improve their weaponry for the upcoming mission objectives.

Data extracted from
Fleet Admiral Saint Zeezo?s fleet mission logs.

Chevron Omega force fleet (fed) is recruiting, we are new and are growing, level two. We help with STFs (+Elite), E.C., Dilithium and teaming up for all kinds of marks. Fleet has raid call and enjin, pm for invites.

Apply on

If you wish to join our fleet, there are a few conditions

1) Playing the game Star Trek online.

2) Wanting to join our fleet in the game.

3) Being sociable, polite and curious to other members.

4) Want to have fun and have team mates to enjoy the game.

5) To help progress the fleet in any field, ideas, fleet project contributions, donations to fleet bank, sociable chatting and generally being productive.

All these contribute towards merits noted by the admiralty and the fleet officers along side the fleet credits awarded by gathering of fleet marks in PVE queues. these merits and contributions are considered in all promotions and awarding of special gear and materials plus advanced knowledge of the inner workings of the game it self

or PM a Fleet member.

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