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06-06-2013, 12:50 PM
Comm ID: Haruko Haruhara, Lotus©
To: [IND]
Subject: Application

Konichiwa noble sailors of the cloud! Word has finally reached me on how to contact you. I have been busy with some things but my Geisha transport will always carry the dream of joining the IND. This is a goal I have been aiming for since I entered the business, and as soon as I heard of your legend.

If it is too soon, if it is too shady, if it is too late, or if it is ok, I will be waiting for your response. Lotus© will gladly fly with you.

Sayonara and arigato.



The flow of the current
raises the Lotus,
and moves on.

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# 12 (oorp) Fleet Message
06-06-2013, 02:01 PM
Greetings and happyness to you.

Today something happened in relation to the ranks of the senior members.

I won't associate myself beyond the few following words that I'll write.

In a company of troops, either in a game or in 'real' life, for mutual respect, and
appreciation to be actual, between fellow players and/or fellow citizens, certain rules must be followed.

History, in general, has proven that if rules aren't followed, within a small period there
will be chaos.

I won't comment on whether the rules are correct, or if they have flaws, whatever they are; until they are improved, and made more fair, it is beneficial for us to follow them.

In our fleet, we have [implemented] a basic rule which is inviolable!!
Who ever reaches one million fleet marks in contribution will become Business Associate - a privelage for having access to the fleet store!

That is the basic rule.

Now if someone puts in millions in contributions, and has knowledge of the game because he is a 'veteran' and chiefly possesses the good spirit of an ambassador, then he will rise in the ranks; not because we'll do it because of a random hard-on, but because he will better steer the newbies, and make them feel safe, as toward the game, and also toward the information which he will convey.

Its beneficial for me to confess that i've raised ranks for what has been said, heard, and
complained, and because i enter inside the game to have fun and not to become a child
psychologist. And so that I won't be made to press the magic "Disband Fleet" button, certain temporary changes have been made until things calm down and so that there isn't any whining.

Furthermore, I'd like everyone who has almost one million fleet credits, whom I may have put in iniquity, to send me a mail message to make the appropriate changes.

For those that haven't reached the demanded contributions, but have good knowledge of the game (a.k.a., a veteran), it is beneficial that reveal the gratitude of all our members, because they chose to join the Independent Neuralnet Division, and because they offer open-handed knowledge to all our members - subordinates and superiors.

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07-02-2013, 01:38 PM

No blossoms and no moon,

and he is drinking sake

all alone!

(Purest Inspiration, isn't it?)

Curriculum Vitae:

Name: Hans von Goeben

Born on Arawath, Arawath Sector, as the onliest child of a Rheinlandish farmer daughter and a Libertonian buisnessman. (Provocative for today's armies, isn't it?)
His parents married a couple of months after they had met on vacation on Planet Baden-Baden and felt in love with each other; things which were possible before the great conflict between Rheinland and Liberty. (*sigh*)
Raised on an idyllic farm near a great town with a space port, he has had a great childhood. Three of Hans' most favourite things: Fishing, looking at the spacecrafts arriving and departing at the local space port, and a strong, early interest in nature. (Especially in animals...and how they are constructed. You can imagine the joy of the parents finding the "objects of interest" in the kitchen.)
Brutally interrupted in the joy of childhood, he was sent to school in the age of six. Average at nearly all subjects (and one time failing because of mathematics, *yuck*), he has finished school in the age of 18 1/2. But biology was still the most interesting thing for young Hans...
For all people out there who are decent connoisseurs of human nature, the next step of Hans' decision is clear...
After one year of lazering around after finishing school, fascinated by two of his three favourite things, he finally decided to study biology on another planet, entering the mighty phase of indipendence.
Fortunatly, he was accepted at an university on New Berlin. Good news so far. Bad news for his parent's wallet. After three years of studying, the state subsidy was cut due to economical difficilities in Rheinland. Doing well and standing right before his Bachelor, Hans decided to finish the job, regardless the costs...literally.
Taking nearly two years off from university, he tried to make his livings by his own and save some money for studying. Long story, short version: Working as a pilot for a frighter transporting luxury goods between Baden-Baden and New Berlin, he got the grip of how to fly a spacecraft after a few weeks, paid an old friend at an IT University from the job's earnings to hack the Rhino's ID and controls and flew away with the spacecraft, working as a Freelancer.
One year has passed and a good sum was saved for university, Hans' attentionw as drawn to a very interesting offer by Daumann: They were searching for experienced pilots who were willing to fly in the empty space of the recently discovered Koeln System to search for minerals in change for 0.1% of the profits which are made in the future by exploiting those minerals. Taking the chance and having some luck, Hans was able to find a rich Aluminium field deep inside an asteroid field. With the preemie given by DGC plus the 0.1% profit, he invested some more in Koeln...
Finally having enough money, he decided to continue his studies, since the money flows now by its own. After years of researching and specializing, he got his certificate in biology, genetical engineering and xenobiology.
With the whole family safe, and financially secured, he began to travel around Sirius...looking for joy, interesting occurences and people who are willing to have a nice conversation...Sirius is full of madness, emotions and actions...
which is Hans' most favorite thing to do by now. This way, one day he met a gentlemen from IND...
The rest of the story is history, or however....

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08-05-2013, 04:31 PM
"Hello Hans von Goeben."

"I could write a novel about how we here at IND appreciate dullness or plagiarism, but instead I'll devote my time to a more shorter answer allowing me to get back to my daily business."

"Short answer, no, you're not the type of person we're looking for, unfortunately for you. Perhaps next time you'd be actually willing to spend some time creating a haiku, instead of blatantly ripping one off from one the Sol era holo-libraries. Yes, we found out. Tragic, no?"

"That said, we wish *he chuckles* you all the best in finding the right job for you."

"Goodbye, Hans von Goeben."

"Stirling out."


"Hi, Mr. Mask."

"I enjoyed the haiku, enjoyed the application. Emotions stand in the way when you're aiming for the stars *he grins*, I reckon no-one here at IND has gotten filthy stinking rich by having emotions. Welcome aboard."

"Make your way over to Oita and get checked up. See you soon."

"Stirling out."

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# 15
09-06-2013, 04:24 PM
LOCATION: Star-base Wallstreet
DESTINATION: Board Members

Our board-room table has had its fair number of scratches. As such I am implementing restrictions for members keeping their exotic birds in the room during our discussions. I've already ruined my fair share of trousers by sitting on their.....excrement to put it lightly.
I realize many of you are making a nice errr, nest-egg for yourselves by selling the birds -- eggs, as redundant as that may sound.
I'll be sending suggestions for a separate nursery of sorts for your feathers vermin---erm, pets. You'll be paying out of your OWN salaries for it - including proper ventilation.

That is all.
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# 16
10-08-2013, 11:55 PM
Name: James Buckmaster
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Birth: Planet Pitts. (Or as I like to call it, The brownest planet around the town)

Professional History: Let's start at the beginning shall we? Starting off as just a grunt in some random J-class freighter, the Sturgeon. I had a nice desk job til Ms. Lil' Maggie had a job for me. I was to fly from New Tokyo to New London with a load of Basic Alloys for this new base we had. Apparently some guy called out, and there was a lot of moaning and complaining involved and I just said to hell with it and agreed (To be fair I didn't have an option. The... Person.. might have fired me on the spot. She was known for her demanding..ness..). So after going along, I realized I was in for the long haul. The Turning speed was about as fast as a sloth realizing he left his oven on back at his tree house. Was boring at first but I realized. Hey. I had no boss. I was free! It was like a mans dream. That is until I came across a few of the... unwanted people named Joe McSmith and his crew. Needless to say I had no credits, so they stripped me of my cargo and let me go with a smirk and a laugh. Skipping ahead a few more years and that little event made me pissed so I made it to Chief of Security with the J-25 Freighter Fleet. I swore to take down pirate scum and the masses with shear force and weapons, baby. Life was good. I learned how to fight and pilot a ship, and got paid for it! Killing pirates for money, for a company that I love? Sounds good.

Fast Forward another few years. This time I'm 30. Not a bad age, almost my prime.

So it's at this point, I'm shadowing Maggie. Learning how to lead and file paper work and basic leadership. To cut out the boring part of being trained, I become the storage analyst of the J-25 Freighter Fleet. That's when I found out life was good. Or so I thought. The stress and the mental load you put on as the storage analyst of any company was fully realized when I took her role. It was hell. So that's why at age 34, I'm happy just commanding my smaller empire, but i'm not content.

That's my professional history in a nut shell. I want to be wealthy once again. I want to have the ability to buy whatever I see, whatever I want. I want my "Taxi" business to come to an "Airliner" business if you catch my drift (I know its an archaic term, but I'm an old-fashioned guy). This small little trading empire just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I need to know the feeling of being rich once again. And I am hoping you ladies and gentlemen can help me.

*He lights a cigar and begins to turn off his communication link when he realizes something*

Oh. Also. Haiku.

He who holds power
Holds the credits in his hands
He is not alone

*He turns off the communication, right before taking a puff*

*** Communication Ended ***
*** Sending Enclosed Message ***


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11-12-2013, 12:57 AM
LOCATION: Star-base Wallstreet
DESTINATION: James Buckmaster

Considering our vast resources, we have no need of mercenaries, let alone trigger-happy pilots with *adjusts spectacles* less than desirable sense of revenge.
Try not to be so careless.

But my lovely assistant, who sometimes peeks at applications that I am supposed to screen, had made a passing remark about your honesty.

That being said, i'm sure i could find you some starter position as a mechanics assistant.
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12-08-2013, 01:49 AM
*FLASHING CURSOR*...........................

*a series of code can be seen on a screen in a darkened ready room*......

*the chair shifts slightly*.....

*a pause in the code can be seen*......

*an odd symbol could then be seen flashing faintly behind the code*....

*the chair shifts slightly once again*................

*the ready room door opens then closes*........

*emergency lighting starts to faintly flash*......

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# 19
01-16-2014, 10:51 PM
*CFO walks into his bedroom; takes off his clothes and throws them in the laundry chute*

*drop, back first, on the bed*......

*eventually decides to get up*.....

*checks computer for any messages*.......

*flickering occures on the monitor as he looks away to reach for his glass of water*........

*sits down in his chair; suddenly security lock-down engages*......

"What the?! Shrike to security!!........RESPOND!!"

*flashing red light*...Environmental systems failing.

*coughing could be heard*...."Secu---- *cough* "....


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