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I am sure this will get some interesting answers, hopefully more than the non-interesting ones.
I am wondering what bridge officer skills (yes, even trainable ones) do you attempt to have in your ship by the time you reach level 50?
Here are some guidelines before you post answers (and to see if people read thru the whole post before just answering):

1 - State whether the bridge officer skills you are posting are for a Science, Engineer, or Tactical character.

2 - type out the whole bridge officer power, do not shorten it.

3 - explain why you prefer those powers.


Tactical Admiral

Tactical boff 1 - Tactical Team 1 (helps my shields and offensive power out a little), Torpedo High Yield 2 (Makes my torpedos do more damage), Cannon Rapid Fire 3 (Lets my cannons shoot faster and hit more), Attack Pattern Delta 3 (because I like using attack patterns).

Tactical Boff 2 -


Your answers may help others (and me) when we need help choosing our bridge officers, powers, and setting up our ships.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to post helpful answers.
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07-02-2013, 09:56 PM
To be honest, most of the bridge officer abilities are viable in one way or another. There are your base skills that most builds use, Tac Team, Hazard Emitters, Emergancy Power to Shields, ect.

However, the best part of making a build is finding the synergy between powers, weapons, and ships.

A good place to start is STO Academy, which list all the known abilities in game. You can also ask player in the OrganizedPvP Channel in game.
Career Officer
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07-03-2013, 12:33 AM
And one of the most important items to consider when choosing BO Skills is Personal Play Style. A setup that someone else uses may not work with you, as your play style may be incompatible. So, do you like to Tank, or prefer to Banzai charge a angry mob? Are you a hit and run player, or a slug fest type? Do you like to snipe from a distance, or close combat mud wrestling range? All of these will effect your BO Skill setup...

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