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12-15-2009, 07:07 AM
Ok first off, has anyone seen any new path to 2409 posts? there hasnt been one in forever! Next, I want to go over some of the things i've seen.

First off, Rom being Grand Nagus happened in the last season of Deep Space 9 its not some crazy thing they cooked up. In fact, I've seen a lot of stuff in here from Deep Space 9 and since i just got done watching the series im pretty happy about that.

Now, I will admit that I havent watched the movie since it was in theatres but I absolutely LOVED Star Trek. I truly felt that the last good star trek movie was First Contact. The ones after I could barely finish without falling asleep. Star Trek finally did a star trek movie the way I wished they had done the last two TNG movies. The only thing i didn't like was the "alternate universe" idea. Showing the REAL captain kirk's youth would have been SOOO much more interesting. This "rebel bad@#$" version of him is just kinda silly but whatev.

That being said Im really happy that they decided to keep STO in the prime universe. I hear a lot of complaining that they destroyed romulus. I think these fans are missing something. Star Trek is not DC Comics or other little kids super hero shows. There arent 25 different plot lines telling the same story. Star Trek does not release a series / movie without ties to the entire franchise and you won't see them making a movie that doesnt "fit" into the universe. So wether you like Star Trek or not is mostly irrelevant as it was a Star Trek movie. Once it was mentioned that Romulus was destroyed, every show / series / video game that came after was forced to include it. So stop whining please.

Now to those fans that are complaining about the slight differences? There really are none. Remember, you get the story from a EXTREMELY BIASED rom who lost his wife / kids in the supernova chain reaction. I'm sure he was told about spocks plan but was not told that his government denied him...or even if he was privy to this information I doubt that he cared. He is just looking for someone to blame and Spock is the perfect target for him.

I heard some people in this thread say that this doesnt make any sense because in the movie they say that spock tried to save romulus and failed and thats how he ended up in the past. WRONG. In fact he mentions that he was too late for romulus and was trying to stop further destruction. This is when he bumped into Nero. He was attacking relief effort ships and came across spock...and in his rage / grief attacked spock and got caught in the anomolie with him.

Now, one last thing. About the super nova. First off it never says that the super nova is what caused the says the super nova set off a chain reaction that caused the destruction. Since this science is 400 years advanced of our own and in this universe they have actually SEEN super novas and not just barely glimpsed pretty flashes from telescopes....I would assume they know what they are talking about . We guess / estimate that a super nova causes a shock wave that moves at 1/10th the speed of light but dont really have any idea if that is the only reprecussion. Maybe antimatter is splayed out and some of it collided with a dangerously unstable nebulae around the corner that set off a chain reaction 10X worse....honestly who knows.

That is all for now. Im looking forward to a new entry...hope i dont have to wait till the release

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