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# 1 Expertise is too Low
07-05-2013, 10:50 PM
I know for the longest time all the Expertise that VA's were gaining was pretty much going to waste and so Cryptic decided to put it to use in Fleet Construction and Reputation system stuff. That alone seems weird but I guess you are telling folks what to do?

Anyway, for old characters this is all fine and good because they have millions of Expertise to throw around but for new characters this is horrible. With 3 Reps going at the same time you run out of Expertise in a real hurry. Even with DOFF missions going as much as possible and running the missions to get the marks you come up far short. You need around 40K to do a full set of 6 Rep missions but even story missions (which give the most) will only net you around 4K. Doing the STF's and similar Mark missions nets you hardly anything in terms of Expertise.

Suggestion: Either lower the amount of Expertise needed for Reputation missions or even better yet increases the amount you earn from Mark gathering missions and enemy kills.

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