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this is the first 3 pack ive get actually, the odyssey was a good heal boat but not much else, the bortas was basically an odyssey more then a real battle cruiser that could turn, dispute its high amount of tac consoles it could not be played as a real battle cruiser, and is of little interest as a result. the vesta and andorian ship id like to have, if they didnt have the cost associated with them. im sure eventually i'll have enough dil for them

but this scimitar, i got it on day 1. starting with a 7 turn rate, it can actually be made to work. its got cloaked alphas, enhanced turn rate 15 seconds out of cloak if you got a superior reman, and theirs not even a down side to cloaking because your shields dont fall. between those periods of cloak, you can make it turn alright with EPtE and a turn console or 2. the LoR change to those 2 things did a massive amount of good for large and lumbering ships to maneuver about easier. with EPtE, you can just exploit thier bad turn rate as much. you should have about a 20 turn rate between cloaks, and if you use the falchion and load up on more turn consoles you could conceivably get about 30 turn out of it

the scimitar is obviously going to deal the most damage, the falchion you can ether tank or turn best with, and the tulwar, i dont see much use for it outside stacking particle gens to make the tholian weapon deal the most damage. or well, i guess stacking 4 or 5 field gens if your really into shield capacity. i can get the scimitar to turn well enough, so im going to be using it. might dable in a max turn rate falchion a bit later.

4 DHC, 1 DBB, 3 turrets

TT1, CRF1, BO3, APO3

ET1, AtB1, EPtS3
EPtE1, AtB1


aegis/borg engine
aegis/borg deflector
jem hadar/maco/fleet elite shield

RCS, RCS OR 3rd scim console

valdor console, 2 scim consoles

5 energy damage

doffs- 3 tech, 2 BO penetration doffs

this ship has the vet ship station setup, the best setup in the game. with it, you can set up every classic pure escort station setup, or have an abundance of sci or eng to go with top level tac skills. best feature of all, you can run a cruiser like 2 AtB build on it, giving you basically 2 COM tactical, 2 LTC eng stations, 4 ENS eng stations, and 2 sci LTs, with 2 more grab bag universal ENS skill. the down side is the very low average aux score. on this ship, that not only means weak sci heals without an aux batt, but decloaking yourself, or preventing you from cloaking for 10 second periods. this is were the very powerful tech doffs balance themselves well.

for your new rom characters, what veteran characters consider basic gear will be unavailable until you get through rep grinding. the aegis deflector, engine, and jem shield are the best basic stuff you can get untill you have enough fleet marks or rep ground out. in pvp, the thaloron weapon can be fun to set off sometimes, as long as you dont AtB yourself before using it, its damage is aux based. but in pvp i tend to strip off the secondary shield console and stick another turn console on. though i have thaloron'ed in pvp a few times to hilarious effect, and hilarious failure. people, please, if you see a scim using thaloron, be kind enough to issue him a TT, would you? that person cant use any skills, or even manually distribute wile charging up the attack.

anyone who uses battlecruisers, so like only me as far as i can tell, will be used to the slide that comes with the 20 inertia, and can use it to your advantage. EPtE will cause about 4 times the amount of sliding though, it can be a real handful, but its not going to be able to turn or position without it. you can alpha wile cloaked, use it! once AtB has cooled down your skills, and possibly decloaked you, alpha them again if they still live. you can keep a 30+ turn rate for 15 seconds with a good reman, at least long enough for your cloak to cooldown. some time during this a tractor beam can be helpful for keeping someone from moving on you to much. assuming you have aux at this point you might as well cloak again, and decloak alpha all over again. ive got to hand it to them, the ship really is just like it was in nemisis.

you should have enough to tank well, i prefer strong shield resistance over RSP and thus use EPtS3. if you get to the point were you need RSP, maybe you should have cloaked by now. the valdor console is literally always feeding you hitpoints, and TSS and quantum absorption with ET1 and HE1 at their global offer quite a lot of healing. the universal ENS could be used for TSS, and something more offensive used in the LT sci clot. like CPB for decloaking other scimitars, TBR to clear you some space, and well thats proboly all that could be useful.
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