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Cannot change/equip civilian costumes on my romulan character(federation side) If I do, it swaps her head to a borg head. and I cannot change it back.

Many color options on boots and pants cannot be chosen still.
Depending on what I wear, my head may disappear.
Risian outfits do not seem to work on my romulan. it also swaps her head to a drone head.
The winter outfits do not work either. Again with the borg head.

Several romulan guns, like the repeater pistol shoot energy from my boot, rather then the gun itself.

On both Boff and characters, Several different costume items are color linked. So making my pants black, will color a part of my boots black that I want green. Etc.

Kinda disheartening to see so many bugs just rampantly running around like this.
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