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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
Nope. And I agree, its kinda dodgy, but here is what you can do.

Option 1. When the statue hunt event comes up, accept the invite and then rent another jetpack, then go and find ten of the statues. With the changes, you should earn enough favors to get a jetpack from the store and those are perminent.

Option 2. Go over to the dance floor, it will take about 2 or 3 dances, but you don't have to rent a jetpack again.

Also, the stone arches she mentions are over on the east side of the main island. From the jetpack rental place, fly east along the coast, and then north, there are three of them fiarly close together, and if you fly through one, you get an accolade.
Option 1 is good enough. Do it a few times to earn 50 favors and buy the low-end jetpack. It's fine for the Flying High event.

Collect 1000 pearls, over the course of several days and get the Risan ship!
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Last night I danced my way to a 50 favor floater and completed the flying high event. Now, I'm looking to do other flying events, isn't there one where you can look for birds?
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I only go to Risa with one of my toons. He'll get the ship, and whenevere he visists Risa, he has a dance, and hunts for Horghans. Once a day. The bird pets are nice, I might get some on my other toons, but hoarding favors contradicts the whole idea of Risa (leisure), imo, of course.
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I've done the race three times so far and all three times did all four courses with time to spare. I used a 50 favor floater and waited until I was over the bridge to the cave on the east side of the volcano, where I un-equipped and re-equipped my floater to begin the race timer.

Hint: always speak to the Event Coordinator with your floater active so you can hold the start of your event timer until you are ready and near where you believe the first gate will be.

To do the course I went slowly, more concerned with making the gates than with speed. If I find the course is twisty I don't get as much overrun on the turns at low speed and I can speed up a bit on the straightaways. It is more a race of maneuver than speed. Only once did I have to use the beam out to get back to the Event Coordinator in time.

I also did the Horga'hn Hunt on foot until I earned the favors to buy a floater, and if you use the mission status window to call the questgiver instead of trying to run all the way back you will have time to spare.

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