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07-08-2013, 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
Most people don't. Why?

PvP is full of haxxors, script-kiddies, exploit-riders and other cheaters. Those who don't cheat obsess over builds and cry a river when someone stomps them with a "non-standard/non-approved" build. It's impossible to have a fun match any more in "serious PvP", and besides... who wants to set up 14 alts for a niche-sport anyway.

I gave up on PvP long before the grinds. I occasionally run a casual match, you don't need max gear/minmax stats for that -- just skill, luck and a desire to have fun.
Interesting, and you have proof of these haxxors as you put it? Do not name anyone but I would be interested, as I suspect would many others, in exactly what type of hacks, scripts and cheats are employed or available within STO to exploit.

If you have evidence of these then submit them to Cryptic as a matter of urgency and give a listing of them (not how to reproduce them) in the reply to this post.

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07-08-2013, 02:45 AM
Scripts are legit. At least the one's I know.
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07-08-2013, 03:00 AM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
I did Borg-Romulan on two toons... just Borg on one. Just Romulan on another... and my next toon will be just Nukara.

You don't NEED to max out all three on every toon.

I like to think that my toons are specialists in various areas. The first two mastered two branches, while the others super-specialized.
I'd have to agree. I've created loads of characters, and I don't actually bother with the reputation system for them. I only bothered with the very first character I created and got him to the top tier level of the Borg stf thingy. Just to see how much difference it makes etc.

But I don't bother leveling up the rest of my characters in the reputation system. I just get them to character level 50 and that's it.

Oh and as for pvp, I just go in with my Brel Bird Of Prey Retrofit, and just piss off some of the characters by firing torpedoes at them all the time. LOL no matter how much leveled their ship is , whether they're "cheating" or not, they still can't catch me in my Bird of Prey Retrofit.

Even the tough romulans can't catch me. Bwahahahaahhaaa.

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07-08-2013, 03:11 AM
Yer the rep grinds to much in this game i have 5 chars n its a real pain why cant there let u lvl 1 char n it doubles the mission rewards for upgradeing the rest
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07-08-2013, 03:12 AM
Same. I can JUST ABOUT tolerate it with my primary (science) character, as am almost at T3 Nukara and am at T5 everything else with that one.

However, I have three other characters, one fed tac, one fed engineer, one KDF tac, and a Romulan Engineer (although she doesn't quality for tiresome grinding yet anyway, as haven't progressed her past subcommander.

And I just CAN'T face commencing the grind on any of them. Okay, my Fed Tac officer is at T4 Omega, but I haven't gotten much further than that. And I really can't be bothered either to be honest. I want to play the blasted game (that is, participate in STF's/PvE type content, not worry about gather X amount of X so that I can buy X from the relevant rep store. I don't consider that particularly fun.

So, with the exception of my Sci, my characters all make do with Elite Fleet equipment, which does the job VERY nicely and takes less grind since Fleet marks are so easily obtainable. And only time will tell if I ever gain the motivation to commence the tiresome grind with any other character.

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07-08-2013, 03:55 AM
The rep grind is stupid, but it's not the worst. Once you have reached t5, you enter the hard grind. 35K dil and 1K mark pet item ? Considering you'll want at least a 3 pieces space set and a 3 pieces ground set, not counting a 3 pieces space weapon set, that's a lot of grind to do.

I never thougth I'd say that, but I honestly miss the random drop from STF. Also, the console was a free reward, and the borg space set was cheap. Everything is a grind ATM.
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07-08-2013, 04:51 AM
Players have suggested rep grind to be account wide many many times now. Not like Cryptic doesn't know about it. Current system makes game very alt unfriendly.
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07-08-2013, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
I would like to see rep grinds shared among the player account's same-side factions, so that players need only max once for Feds and once for KDF. However, since I doubt this will ever happen, I've stopped playing multiple toons and sticking to my lone Fed Tac. This reduces the grind to only one iteration.
I can agree to this. Not to try and bring in another game into the convo, but with all its faults, SWTOR's Rep system is really nice. Reputation in that game is shared across your legacy, which all toons on the same server are part of.

I could see a system like this being much more tolerable in the long run, especially for those with multiple toons. It helps to keep the community vibrant and alive by rewarding the creating and leveling of alts. The more alts you have running the rep missions, the faster you gain rep.

The only change I would recommend to go along with this is to increase the amount of rep needed per level to balance out multiple toons sharing rep.
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Originally Posted by lexusk19 View Post
So yeah.. Got one toon to max and then was like oh great.. Another 14 to go.. Rep system spits in the face of making new toons and my opinion is, its the worst idea PWE/Cryptic has ever had... Please do something for people who have and enjoy making alt toons.
Pick your toons that will be your PvP toon and and your STF toon and grind rep only on them. Then you can feel free to breed space critters for fun on your alts instead of profit.
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07-08-2013, 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
I did Borg-Romulan on two toons... just Borg on one. Just Romulan on another... and my next toon will be just Nukara.

You don't NEED to max out all three on every toon.

I like to think that my toons are specialists in various areas. The first two mastered two branches, while the others super-specialized.
I am sick and TIRED of people saying "you don't NEED to do this." Holy crap, you realize people want to get good equipment? The best equipment in this game is in the reputation. Cryptic refuses to make it account wide due to people not logging on as much, so less money for them.

A week and counting haven't played, just so sick of Cryptics tactics and crap now. If it doesn't change I don't plan on playing anymore.

I shouldn't have to grind reputation on a different ALT just to get better equipment on it, not to mention the fact grinding even more DIL for that single character to even get it.

Ugh so sick of this, just makes me angry now, how people accept this is beyond me.

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