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Originally Posted by z3ndor99 View Post
Yeah they were a bit outta whack, mine was showing 60 thousand hull and 15 and half thousand shields, so just slightly needed a tweak.....
ehmmm no, 15,5K shields are quiet normal for a fleet mogai.

consider that my NON-FLEET Ha'Feh, with a resilient shield Mk XII (without cap suffix) and 2 Field Generators Mk XI (blue) have 11-12K shields.

for a fleet mogai (that have shield mod of 1.1), 15,5K shields is pretty normal

but yeah, mogai had to be nerfed, even without that bug, it is was awesome ship.
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07-09-2013, 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by fataiityx3 View Post
I'd love to know how you manage a 100-105 power level boost on your engines. I've managed +40 to base on my Fed but nothing anywhere near what you claim to have done.
Efficiency + Performance skills + Borg/Adapted Maco engine will get you to roughly a 50 base (actually a little higher than 50, but YMMV depending on how deep into Efficiency and Performance you go). Plasmonic leech + Engine Singularity core will get you past 80, and the rest is the Warp Core doff.

Bonus points for an engineer, since I cycle and EPtX every 15 seconds, and they get an additional power boost to all systems from that.

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