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07-10-2013, 09:09 AM
lol computer code obstacles created from nothing, now ruing your entire daiyes bahahahahahahaha sucks to be you!!
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07-10-2013, 09:15 AM
Well i maxed 2 toons and working on 3rd t5 in few days. I dont see big problem for people with 3-4 alts to grind it, because you only have to do few pve queues to get marks you need for progression and few days hard grind for t5 equipment. But this could be hard for modern casual players who haven't used to grind in other mmo's.

On other note this could be a Zen unlcok for each char, you have to pay 5k zen to get copy of all reputation done on other character. Would be good until next reputation faction comes out, good money for cryptic and good shortcut for players.
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07-10-2013, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
Reputation passives, activated abilities, and equipment are all necessary for high-end gameplay. Leveling those reputations costs players nothing but time (as the only limiting factor is marks). But that time is not only gated by the number of daily runs needed to get the marks (unless you happen to be able to play specifically during the bonus mark event every day), but also by a 20 hour forced wait between projects as well.

As such, completing all three reputations to full on one character can be rewarding. However, once finished, being faced with the daunting task of doing it again on another character is a complete deterrent.

The release of the new Romulan Scimitar Dreadnaught pack made me realize this recently. I like the ship. I want the ship. I'm willing to purchase and pay 5000 zen for the ship, as well as the hundreds of thousands of dilithium needed to outfit it.... But I'm not willing to spend 4 hours each day grinding for the next 2-3 months to get the reputation needed to equip the ship.

The part I don't understand is... Cryptic should want to make money. We want Cryptic to make money as well, so the game can stay alive and active as long as possible. Cryptic makes their money off of Zen and Dilithium, neither of which is needed UNTIL AFTER the reputation system is completed (as space equipment costs a lot of dilithium, but nothing while leveling the reputation requires any).

So here I sit, as do many others.... with a Klingon... with a Romulan... with other Federation characters... with a wishlist of things to purchase using dilithium and Zen, with the only thing standing in my way of purchasing them in the form of a huge time sink.

I did it with one character. I won't do it again. And I can't help but wonder why an account-based reputation system isn't in place yet. Each player will still need to run STF's and other PvE activities to get the marks to purchase the items they need, and plenty of times.

There's money that people want to spend... money for Cryptic to make... if they'd just let us do it without all the frustration. Doing reputation once is enough.

never ever agreed with people who rant on this forum until now. ^ that is probably the closest we will come to someone "nailing it".

Im not so much bothered about grinding as i am about the time restriction, as you progress through the reputation the exp needed gets larger including resources and other things (which are a pain in the arse as well but yeah) but Honestly I think they should reduce the time between projects the further you go up through the reputation because i literally found myself the other day sitting at my desktop checking my reputation projects and when they finished I didnt even bother to start more of them up...simply because it was WAY to time consuming. I realise they dont want us to rush through it and finish what they've added but if anything the time limit is destroying replay value... at least for me and a few others...

there are also a lot of people who want to play end game content but have a life outside the game so they dont have time to grind which is also a problem..as the accessibility to end game equipment is... well problematic time wise.

but yeah all this will probably fall on deaf ears as always.
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07-10-2013, 09:32 AM
The waiting to advance in tiers I really hate when I am doing the reputation on multiple characters. They need to reduce the wait. 12 hours would be much better then 20 hours for stuff.
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07-10-2013, 09:37 AM

I have posted about this on multiple occasions... help me help you make/take (my) money!

Just as a few other posters... with the release of LOR I had wild aspirations to level a number of Rom Toons.

I mean I'd need a fed tac..... and and a kdf tac...! damnit I'll need a sci for that Tvaro refit torp boat I want, FED and ROM! right ok ok ok lets gets busy.....

So i level my fed tac.... and thats it.... the stark reality of having to grind through Rep again on all these new toons I wanted quickly put me off the idea...

I have Fleet Dhelan on my Tac... I quite like it... I'd like a scimitar but I like to run specific ships on specific toons for quick changes, and since I'm not levelling another toon and grinding rep.... im not buying a Scimitar as the toon I have will do fine in a Dhelan...however if i had another tac... I'd most definitely pick one up!

Not to mention if I was levelling another batch of toons I'd go gold again for a month... you know for the respecs and slots and all that nice stuff Id get while levelling my new toons....
But I'm not gunna level new toons because of rep.... so I aint going gold for a month....

But I tell you what I would do.... if I levelled new toons and had the option to unlock all my rep in one go for 500zen per toon... Id pay it, no problem or hesitation...

So Cryptic break it down... rep is costing you the price of a T'varo, Scimitar Pack (gotta have all the consoles right?) and a months gold (plus months gold further down the line when I'm levelling another batch of toons). That's just on my roms... I'd like another fed tac in an a2b regent and a sci KDF briel.

Thats probably 10k-12k Zen + a month's gold right there you're LOSING because of rep.

So Cryptic I ask again.... help me help you take 500 zen (+the rest) off me per toon for tier 5 rep unlock.


PS Make it an even 1000 Zen per toon and give me a lv 50 toon with 500k Expertise with full tier rep unlocked (hate levelling toons.....again!) Guys that are in the game longer (an pay for stuff) been there done that with it all)

Freddy Demands IT!!

PPS Point to note though I do agree that value and some hard should be attached to the best endgame gear....and that a paid rep unlock would have to be only purchaseable after having completed full rep on at least 1 toon previously.


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07-10-2013, 09:43 AM
I'm just doing it one character at a time, Vox. I'm also thinking of only taking some reps to T2 or so on some characters. It's pretty mind-numbing.

I don't expect Cryptic to make any of the rep rewards account-wide. The dilithium mine holding gives me some hopes of a rep equivalent... a T5 unlock that reduces costs for other characters, or at least other reps.

We may be able to convince them to let us buy more consumables in bulk and stack them higher than 20. We can push for more opportunities to grind marks, more variety to the missions and higher rewards.
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07-10-2013, 09:45 AM
Seems a lot of people feel the same way once OI get to Tier V Nukara I don't want to have to do it again on my KDF of Romulan. Also don't want to grind roman and omega marks for my romulan either which makes me not want to buy a t5 roman ship as I haven't reached lvl 50 and i;m considering deleting that toon as can;t be bothered with the grind if you amke the reputation account bound not only will I buy a T5 T'varo ship but I will also by the Scimitar class ships as well and more.

But if you don't want our money then this is the correct way to go about it. As people are getting fed up with the grind especially since another one is on the horizon
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07-10-2013, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by dkeith2011 View Post
I am most certainly not enjoying regrinding Reps on my Romulan, an account based system would be great.

And don't even get me started on the DOff grind...
I deleted my Romulan avatar for both reason. Even though "Legacy of Romulus" is an impressive upgrade, the reputation system and duty officer grind is too daunting. Once you complete a few holdings, the yearning to do it again fades very rapidly. Another problem is the duty officer issues. If you try to buy them from the exchange, the price to obtain purple duty officers is insane. As a result of Cryptic raising the duty officer recruitment costs, the prices on the exchange have made STO extremely slow to play.

Both issues are a game stopper.

Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
Reputation passives, activated abilities, and equipment are all necessary for high-end gameplay. Leveling those reputations costs players nothing but time (as the only limiting factor is marks). But that time is not only gated by the number of daily runs needed to get the marks (unless you happen to be able to play specifically during the bonus mark event every day), but also by a 20 hour forced wait between projects as well.
Yeah, I feel your pain. Once my second avatar completed Omega-T3, the thought of waiting through timers put my progress on indefinite hold.

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07-10-2013, 09:50 AM
Well of course there is already a discussion about this already:


The MOD saw fit to move it so no one would notice.

HEre is also an interview stating that they are making ANOTHER reputation:


Here is my response from the old thread:

I don't know what it is anymore, but why do people continiously defend this game?

This is how the conversations usually go:

1. Someone complains on the forums that something needs to be changed.
2. Cryptic either doesn't listen, or doesn't change it.
3. People whine that people are whining on troll on them. Some of them being veteran players.

4. Other people come in with the same complaints.
5. Other people defend Cryptic saying "it's the way it's mean to be."
6. Cryptic comes out with a "fix" that gives them more profit. Rather then listening to the players.

You see I used to be a veteran EverQuest player. By content and difficulty alone it puts this game to shame.

Not only that the customer service with EverQuest was SUPERB. Even more so that they had a Guide program that listened to people's issues, and petitions/tickets were answered in a very timely fashion. (I WAS a Guide, I know how it was.) The stuff that Cryptic does to the player base would of never flew over well. The game would of gone under in a matter of months. (EverQuest) that is.

However it seems Cryptic at this point is trying to grab every last penny they can from the player base. I have since canceled my gold, and will NOT spend one more cent on this game. I have spent probably over $250.00 worth of ZEN on this game from buying stuff and + subs + converting Zen to DIL. Then what do I get in return? Bugs. A bugged character for the lat 3 months, horrible customer service. A company that does not care about it's customers or fan base.

You see I don't have time to grind 10 different ALTs to get the amount of DIL i need. That is NEITHER realistic nor should have to be done to get the amount required just for one item. This doesn't make it a "challenging" game. It just forces people to logon to get Cryptic = More profit.

This company has the worst and utterly the most inconceivable idea of what they call customer service.

I need to know why the heck people are defending Cryptic on every single aspect of this a game, when a lot of players can agree something is either broken, or needs to be fixed or improved upon. I don't know if you guys are a glutton for punishment, or just have a lot of money so it doesn't bother you, but for us poorer people, yet it get sickening.

I never seen a player base so scared, and just defend a horrible company. Why because the game is named "Star Trek." Put any other name to this game and NO ONE would play it. The people that keep this game alive, are either rich, or just so far gone with Star Trek, they will say and do ANYTHING for Cryptic to defend them.

People complain because it helps things improve, tells a company there is something wrong with their product.

All the tactics that Cryptic does, the 8K dil limit, (and screwing you over for that day if you don't refine, why?) no benefit of becoming a gold member, every new ship, new item costing money? Fleet Modules costing a buttload, the ridiculous grind and pricing for a Starbase. This s all okay with people though? Bugs in the game that have been in the game since launch/CB/OB. Bugged zones, bugged missions, bugged equipment?

This is okay by everyone? Everyone just keeps paying money and defending this company. I don't understand this, what do you hope to accomplish, get brownie points for Cryptic so they give you something free? They will drop you like a hat if they wanted to. You get NOTHING for bending over backwards for them.

Where is the Tribble reward they promised everyone?

There have been SEVERAL posts that either have gone to the wayside, or been delted or moved, so they can't be seen on this forum, about the Reputation grind.

They aren't going to do anything about it, they know the more grind you have to do the more money you spend. IF you are stupid enough to do that, it's your own fault.

There is a difference with difficulty and then grinding. Making something a long grind that takes you months, or almost a year to get doesn't make it a challenging game. It makes it a money sink. I guess people are too ignorant to see this (and being stupid and ignorant are two different things.)

I am playing less and less due to this fact, it's sad that the game has become this.

This game will get so bad eventually that there will be no way out of paying for something, maybe a new item, or a new ship. What's going to happen when the raise the level limit "Buy Zen for more SKill Points!" People think that would be ludicrous but Cryptic has lured you slowly into this trap, that when it comes people like "okay ill bend over for you."

How people accept this game as it is, and continually pay a company with horrible customer service, is still beyond me.
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07-10-2013, 09:55 AM
Considering what you have to invest in order to max out gear in other MMOs, the grind in STO isn't too bad. What it boils down to is that STO players seem to be spoiled when compared to those of other games.

Instant levelling, quick access to best-in-slot gear, no ranked pvp reward system, reputation gated solely by real-time and not by skill/ingame-time/organization and endgame content en par with basic low-level dungeons in other games, plus the fact that endgame gear doesn't become obsolete.

People in here are complaining about the fact that it takes a bit of time to equip their n-th alt with top-notch, best in slot endgame gear, which already requires a low amount of effort to start with. An average ingame-time of 15-20 minutes/day will get your character to T5 reputation with all 3 factions in about a month.

Other games make you grind the same (raid) dungeons for 3-4 hours 2-3 times a week to get second-rate gear which in turn you need to replace every few weeks to stay competative. It's the same grind in every game out there, it's part of the basic mmo-concept. People who don't grasp that might be better off playing Skyrim & co., where - when it becomes too time consuming or difficult - you can just advance via console commmands...
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