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Howdy! I'm the Programming Director over at Trek Radio, and we've recently made some changes to the days and times of some of our syndicated podcasts. Here's the latest rundown of all our podcast offerings listed in this thread...

All times Eastern/Pacific

In alphabetical order...

All Things Trek
Saturdays - Starting @ 4pm/1pm (LIVE!)
TBD - (replay)

Deck Eight
Saturdays - Starting @ 10am/7am (New Epsidodes Weekly)

The G & T Show
Wednesdays - Starting @ 3am/Midnight (New Epsidodes Weekly)

Podcast UGC
Tuesdays - Starting @ 9pm/6pm (LIVE!)
Saturdays - Starting @ 7am/4am (replay)

Priority One Podcast
Thursdays - Starting @ 8pm/5pm (LIVE!)
Wednesdays - Starting @ 10am/8am (replay)

STOked Radio
Saturdays - Starting @ 2pm/11am (LIVE!)
Wednesdays - Starting @ 8am/5am (replay)

Red Shirt Army - No Longer Carried
Tribbles in Ecstasy - No new shows since February. Happy to carry them again if/when they return.

Thanks for keeping this thread going and up to date!

We're always looking to fill any voids in our live schedule with produced content. Anyone with an audio podcast of relatively decent quality, published on a consistent weekly schedule, and related to Star Trek Online, Star Trek in general, science fiction, tech and/or geek/nerd culture... feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks again!

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