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02-24-2013, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post

And just a note to the "but its not canon" crowd.. it is its purist from.. all of the events in the trek series's happened in a civilian universe. And civilians do fight. Military types simply have specific training..and in the case of players.. are still IN the military.
The difference between a military captain and a civilian captain.. odds are the civilian actually OWNS thier starship, and isn't flying a government loaner out of the pool..

People who say "it's non-canon" in this context probably never saw the various episodes where we actually see freighter or raider crews.
In this particular instance at least two episodes of "Enterprise": "Fortunate Son" and "Horizon" come to mind.
Also TNG:"Gambit" as an example for mercenaries.

Some of the playable "individuals" might also come from a military background (retired, discharged etc.) so we could still have tactical as a profession.

Tinkerers of any sort would fill the engineering role.
Former sensor officers and prospectors looking for an astroid filled with valuables could very well allow us to keep the general class structure by giving us science-types as well.

And yes, in most cases those folks would have their own ship.
There could be freighters (large and slow ones, small and fast ones), raiders, mobile labs, scouts etc.
And they could be from different races from around the quadrant.
Some of them would probably be older military-grade ships, some of them a century or more old (wink).
So a creative raider group might operate a couple of old 22nd century Birds-of-Prey.
Maybe a Klingon has gotten a D5 converted to an armed freighter (like the one from Enterprise:"Marauders").
More adventorous people might get their hands on an old surplus Starfleet ship like the Oberth from TNG:"Hero Worship", or maybe prefer an old round-nacelled Romulan Bird-or-Prey with its plasma launcher replaced with modern sensors.

These people could of course do..dirty work for all sides involved in the current affairs and gain resources so the ships can be upgraded via different Rep sytems.
Some freighters might still run some century-old phasers that need to be upgraded to something more modern.
Do you buy disruptors from the Klingons you just helped with that illegal colony?
Or do you prefer to take a more modern phasers from Starfleet Intelligence after you brought them some intel on True Way fleet movements?
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# 82 A small story
03-20-2013, 02:26 PM
OK, i have read most of the dissociation and I agree with most of you but you could have a great story line behind a civilian faction because it has never been done before, you could be a spy or cargo holder for the enemy bringing them weapons for an uprising.
Imagine the federation took cardassia and a small group of rebels are going to upraise, but they need weapon so they create a contract and send it to you (your a civilian) you can either choose to stay within the laws of the federation or become one of the rebels by shipping a load of weapons to them. The cardassians have their battle and win, they then medal you for your support and you go on your way with a great reputation for helping rebels in their cause.
i may do this for a founders story...
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TO STAR OFF - STO and ALL modern MMORPGs I have played have lost track of there roots and no longer seek to build a world which the players manipulate and turn into their own. I have bin playing Star Trek Online a very long time. I remember the old earth space dock, the old skill system, I remember not having anyone to play with and having nothing to do but fly my ship around and despite the incredible improvements to the game the essential elements are the same, its a game where you level up then do missions for the coolest stuff... exept i have 4 sets of MKXII omega ground gear for my away team and the MKXII MACO and Adapted MACO ground gear, 2 sets of omega xii space parts 2 sets of maco xii space parts purity much all the special event and rep items i care to have and unlike games of old ive run out of things to do and realized that i have no way of effecting the world around me. The worlds of WoW, STO, LoTR, DCU, SRO, SWTOR, WOL, and many others are incredibly stagnant and repetitive, leaving players to roam through environments which never change and become after time uneventful. Now I am one of those pick a side play a side kind of people and I have limited my self to Federation on top of that I prefer to play one character, that being said off the top of my head I can think of several UPDATES which would be relatively drastic departures the STO Dev Teams focus but I feel they would in some cases be simple to carry out and in other cases just down right important to the construction of a immersive star trek experience.

A.SPICE THINGS UP- I don't care if I only get to decorate the captains quarters of my ship, I don't even care if I only get specific spots to put specific types of items in my captains quarters (I.E. spot for a lamp here, spot for a bed there, book shelve for any books i might have), I would rather spend my time decorating my ship and hanging out in my ship then flying from station to station and planet to planet because I'm bored from not playing anything or doing anything different. Trophies are neat and complement the room they are in quite nicely, however having trophies as the soul customizable feature in the ship interior represents a sorry attempt at creating a personalized atmosphere inside your ship.

B. PERSONAL SPACE - The ship interiors much like the decoration of them has bin sadly neglected. Even Star Trek Elite Force had a better ship interior then the great Star Trek Online. First off there is no way 50 people sleep in my defiant unless they sleep on the floor, second there's no way a Galaxy Class Star Ship is that small on the inside. 90% of Star Trek takes place inside ships am I the only one who sees this disconnect with STO game play. Further more, I understand STO cannot be Star Wars Galaxies but why cant people rent out Quarters on different stations, maybe give Fleet Admirals special quarters on the Fleet Starbase, Rentable quarters for fleet members at the Fleet Starbase which could add to the Fleet Bank coffers, or even an apartment overlooking some part of San Francisco or Andoria or Vulcan. For Vets like me maybe let us rent some super sweet Digs on the Veteran Station. This would give a motive for more constant foot traffic through these areas and allow a person to feel like they have some personal space that's theirs in the Galaxy.

C. CITIES ARE THE FUTURE - As civilizations grow their cities grow along with them. By the time any civilization has gotten to the point of space travel they've almost certainly constructed massive awe inspiring cities. one of the only things SWTOR(38 GIGS of Not Fun) did right was capture the massive size of Starwars Cities. Star Trek Online, has no cities. It has some city maps in the story line but it has nothing to stroll around, there is a lack of the one environment most highly associated with advanced civilizations when planet side, CITIES. If other districts could be added to existing areas such as Star Fleet Acadamy, Bajor, Vulcan, or Andoria in the form of separate instances it would bring a depth to the game which could be built upon and eventually allow Star Trek Online to expand beyond just a simple WoW/EVE clone with my favorite theme, to a full bodied original Sandbox/Themepark MMORPG with businesses people could own or events at the local pub or any number of a world of ideas. Use for Vehicles, future-trains.

D. World of Warriors - Now we all know Star Trek isn't just about killing and phasers, in fact I have watched all of star trek movies and series at least 4 times each and throughout them they depict a perfect representation of an entire galactic society. There are traders, engineers, miners, security officers, farmers, colonists, and just a wide array of other professions besides ship captain. Now true even scotty got to captain so everyone having a sship not such a big problem but if you had special ships you had to use for certain jobs like hauling a load somewhere it would give people a reason to fly something other than some sort of large weapon bristling vessel which would give the large weapon bristling vessels something to escort making for good roll play and good game play all at the same time. New types of vessels could be made and sold in the zen store, an entire new realm of adventure would be opened up to those old school players like myself who have just killed one to many ships and one to many Elite Drones and now just wants to run around DS9 in circles till someone joins in. In fact, for me personally I would quite enjoy having to do missions on my ship getting parts doing mini games climbing in tubes to go fix parts of the engine maybe having to work on the transporter go to some station to pick up 5000 loads of something to take to some other station which of course will have enemies along the way waiting to take my goods. Another Neat RP related job idea would be small jobs like bar tender, chef, dancer, musician(would have lots of references back to the series) each having special abilities and benefits related to their job description. dancers and musicians could give out light buffs. long lasting, death removing buffs which would increase in variety and potency as they level up but can only be given out at dance areas. bar tenders could have the ability to walk up to a bar interact with get behind it, and be able to make better then normal food and drink buffs to real people crowds. any number of possibilities and if the devs don't want to take the time to seamlessly build it into the game they can put it in with the Rep System. Crafting could be done in the form of what rep level you have for different types of jobs.

E. STRONG GOVERMENT - Fleet leaders do not have enough Definition/Choices. Despite the strong push the STO development team have made at giving Star Trek Online Fleets a point, the Fleet controls and general Fleet logistics setup given to fleet leaders is extremely rudimentary compared to the benefits and physical infrastructure which have bin bestowed upon them. Fleet leaders need the ability to define specifically what provision types each rank is allowed to take. Fleet leaders also need to be able to define more precisely how far each promotion capable rank is allowed to promote a person (I.E. give captains the ability to promote past ensign but no further or give Rear Admirals the ability to promote to Commander but not Captain). A better logistics system has to be put in place, something allowing for a daily message to specific ranked fleet members, a BLACKBOARD of sort which all ranking members of a fleet could use to leave messages on anything relevant, promotions, demotions, concerns, any information which may be of importance to the other leading members of a fleet, things that may sometimes cause problems because everyone wasn't informed and no everyone checks their mail. FLEET ADMIRALS NEED TO BE ABLE TO SEND MAIL TO ALL OF A SPECIFIC RANK!!!! I have the worst time keeping certain ranks informed of information without having to send a fleet mail to everyone. The bank needs more pages if not a complete reworking. The ability to make actual formal in game alliances with other fleets needs to become part of this game. give fleets who have made alliances something special because of it and reward everyone just a little bit more when they make new more alliances. Give people the ability to put the TAGs of their alliance under their name somewhere above their character maybe.

IN CONCLUSION - I don't expect anything to come of this post, i truly doubt anyone will read all that ive written and a good chance people will disagree but ive spent far to much time talking to other people about things like what i have written about and I desided it was time i at least put my voice out there to hopefully but doubtfully make a difference a game i play souly because i love star trek and because i have a fleet of people which id like to give a good experience and help them be as good as i am in the hope they will not be like me, one who has burned so many times on so many different games, and continue to help others with the same motivation that drove me to help them.
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07-12-2013, 02:07 PM
I've been dreaming about a faction like this for a long time. Launch a civilian or "independent trader" faction, roll in the Ferengi and a number of other elements from the long history of Trek, integrate this creatively with the existing factions, and you've got something fresh for this game. I hope that this is, at the very least, being considered as a possibility.
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07-12-2013, 02:08 PM
Oh, and spycho2? You're on your way to an infraction.
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07-12-2013, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by dixonium View Post
Oh, and spycho2? You're on your way to an infraction.
Yeah, this spycho2 is just looking for a modsmack. He posted the same wall of text in another thread today and in both cases it had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the thread.

He claims he can't start his own threads and instead of doing whatever it takes to get that resolved he has decided to be inconsiderate and pollute other peoples threads with his wall of gibberish.
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07-12-2013, 02:22 PM
Well any new faction is going to do what they old factions are doing.

Farm eSTF and unlock reputation weapons. Don't know if you can come up with gap between civilian and farming guns but I welcome the try.

It's a reporting error®
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# 88 my bad
07-12-2013, 09:30 PM
well I only had one thing to say and I don't often use forums. I still cant start my own thread I don't know why I have never bin on the forums as far as I can remember and never long enough to be locked or something. But the closest ill get to posting anything in the STO forums is as a reply piggy backed on someone else's thread and I felt it was better to throw what ive had to say for a long time out there for people to not listen to then not put it out there at all. Im not making a habbit of it.
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07-13-2013, 04:09 AM
Originally Posted by spycho2 View Post
well I only had one thing to say and I don't often use forums. I still cant start my own thread I don't know why I have never bin on the forums as far as I can remember and never long enough to be locked or something. But the closest ill get to posting anything in the STO forums is as a reply piggy backed on someone else's thread and I felt it was better to throw what ive had to say for a long time out there for people to not listen to then not put it out there at all. Im not making a habbit of it.
The last part at least is good to hear.
Because dumping the same post into different threads...especially when it has nothing to do with the thread itself is spam and treated as such.
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07-13-2013, 05:09 AM
How about Romulans as the 3rd faction....

I like the civilian idea though.

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