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07-16-2013, 07:51 AM
Eagerly awaiting a refresher on the guide, with some of the reputation additions to grow into .. i know there are some PvP NoNo's in the rep system for example ...

That said ... the guide was meant as a 3 ship build ... PvP escort, PvP cruiser & PvE escort ..
As a starting point for ppl to participate in the PvP game, and not get blown up 15x in 2minutes flat .... (now they can actually fly into the firefight for a few seconds against an organised team).....

Use & learn ... there is no 1 way ....

As for his PvEscort ... that is still a very good thing to make & fairly easy to obtain for alot of people, instantly making their game alot more quick/survivable/enjoyable for a few hours work in getting said items, even if it can use abit of an update on the items themselves .....
Maco & Borg gear are quite hard on the resources to obtain currently with the reputation system for example ....

Plz update the guide to make it even more awesome than it currently is ... i am fairly sure that the current hit-statistics for the website will display it gets visited quite alot for a page not changed since 2012-11

Plz turn these few cents into some serious bucks ....
Jive ... STO addict...

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