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07-16-2013, 05:25 PM

This STF needs to be taken a look at:

First off, people that seem to be unable to load into the STF. It seems every single time I go into it, there is 1 person who times out (mind you with the general unpleasantness of this STF, I don't tend to play it that much).

Secondly, everyone takes forever to load into the map (possibly related to the first issue).

Thirdly, Unimatrix ships aggro'd on a ship will blow it up where it spawns. I know the range of the BIG BOOM cannon is 15 km and you need to get within the queens 5km range in order to have a chance of it missing, but if you draw aggro and keep aggro, you are not even making it out of the spawn. I don't understand how it works, but some ships tend to keep aggro even after they die.

Forth, by this point you are in HSE with 3-4 people and now facing the queen, I wish you the best of luck. The queen is darn near impossible to kill with 3-4 plays (or 5 pugs, sry, just not the strongest builds or know what the're doing). At some point the group is taken out, no matter how careful you are (we've even had 1 person not engage her to stay alive or hit and run to keep aggro), at this point the queen turns passive and resets (WTF!). We will get her to 90%, she resets, she flys to far from where she spawns, she fades away and respawns reset, we get her to 70%, she resets, at this point nearly an hour has gone by and people begin to leave.

I am not a bad captain, I'm not uber captain either, but I generally do my share. HSE is beyond what anyone would consider entertainment and is right up their with self abuse and singing cats. Sure, its one of the best rewarding STF, that is if you complete it.

Suggestion for fixes, optimize the map a bit so people don't have issues loading it. Make sure Unimatrix ships loose aggro between deaths and maybe cut back at the rate at which they 1 hit ships a bit maybe consider the time it takes to respawn and make it to the queen. And do something about the queen resetting, devs have said it before that STFs are designed that they should be able to be completed (without pulling out your hair), with 3-4 good players, the queens habit of resetting even with 1 person actively engaging and retreating to stay alive, is insane.
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