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# 1 Tac Vesta
07-16-2013, 08:22 PM
Any recommendations to make it hit harder? Like maybe that Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher since I already have the other 2 pieces of it's set? And I would like to keep the Beam banks to target subsystems. Not go back to the Aux cannons.

Multi-Mission Reconnaissance

(some sort of phaser)
(Andorian for the blue aesthetics maybe)

Bow: 3 Beam Banks
Aft: 2 Turrets / Kinetic beam

Def: Borg
Eng: Borg
Shd: Elite Fleet

Cmdr: TB1, HE2, TSS3, PSW3
Ens(univ): TSS1

LT: EPtW1, AtS1
Lt Cmdr(univ): EPtS1, DEM1, DEM2

LT: TT1, BO2

Dem, DCEx2, Conn x 2 (tt varient)

Tac: Phasers
Eng: Borg, RCS
Sci: QFFC, Zero Point, Fermion, Particle Gen

Power: 100/25/25/50

Hanger: Yellowstones

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