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07-17-2013, 02:34 PM
Since we bring up freighters, it touches on my complaint with all freighters and all vendors...


Lets vary them a little bit. It is like the freighters/merchants never reach their offload point, never pick up new cargo, and just keep replicating the same static product list.

Even the table vendors too.

I'm not thinking of anything drastic... just a random 20-40hour timer... and when that timer runs out, take out one item in the list, replace it with something else, with a small chance of having an extra 'exotic' available in extremely limited quantity.

Say, if a vendor sells a Mk X Plasma Sniper Rifle... (after the new list is put together) then there is a small chance that he'll have 1 Mk X Plasma Sniper Rifle [Dmg] [Acc] available to sell too.

When the 20-40 timer runs out, and the staple-items get shifted a little again (as if he made a stop to unload some cargo and picked up more product to replace it) those exotic items remain, as those are limited quantity items and the vendor will keep them until sold.

I go to Drozana station a lot. Aside from all of the party-ball (and fire extinguisher) griefing (and a change-instance gets me away from that quick enuf), it is a good spot to hit the bank/mail/exchange/tailor and a handful of brokers, but they're always selling the same thing.

They need some variety, or they won't stay in business. (I know there's a RoA rule for that somewhere, but don't have my book handy)

-- Smoov

ps: OH!!! And does Azura II (and KDF equivalent) have to warp in and out all the time? Can't we just keep one wandering around in the sector block, until someone calls it, and then the freighter changes course and flies to your location? (queue up multiple calls, so when time runs out, the freighter goes to the next one, or sends a message to the next caller that it is busy right now, but you can find him 'here')

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