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TL,DW key points:

- Can't find the 500 day Admiral uniform at the Tailor. Could just be I need my eyes checked...but perhaps not.

- 900 day texture: Me likey.

- 1,000 day destroyer: Love the look but some functionality needs to be tightened up:
- DTS console refers to a Disruptor attack rather than plasma.
- 'Transforming' section doesn't.
- Cloaking 'shimmer' effect isn't quite covering the wings and nacelles.
- Triggering the plasma lotus plays an odd phaser-like effect on the ship. Early version of a 'death star' style merging beams or something that needs to be squelched?

- Still getting Starfleet/KDF warp trails on warbirds. [Elcor]Rage[/Elcor].

- Singularity jump is ignoring pitch angle and simply jumping 5km 'horizontally'.
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