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We're the Starfleet Marines, and we're one of the oldest fleets in-game. From our name, you might guess that we're a group of activie-duty military servicemembers who run a really tight ship, but if so, you couldn't be more wrong.

We're actually a low-pressure and no-commitment fleet that runs a lot more like a family than a military unit. And while we do have plenty of current and former military servicemembers in our outfit, military service is not a requirement. If you *are* current or former military, you'll find us a welcoming and understanding group. If you're not, you'll still find us close-knit and sociable.

We've got Fed, KDF and Fed-allied Romulan fleets, so whatever kind of character you roll with, we've likely got you covered. All our fleets have member banks, and if we don't have what you need while leveling up, many of our members can probably craft it for you. All three play fleets have Starbases and Embassies, and once you've completed a brief probationary period, you'll have bank and Fleet Stores access. That's just how we roll.

Our members are primarily British and American, but we've got Anglophone members worldwide and regardless of when you like to log on, you're likely to find leaders available to help you. Whether you greet your friends with "howdy," "hello" or "g'day," our doors are open to you.

If you like STFs and group actions, we're for you. Pickup teams are often available, and if you need a partner to help finish off that just-too-tough mission, just sing out in fleet chat. And if you just need a quick PVP to help you test out your newest ship build, ask our crew of resident badasses to give you a once-over. We'll help get you running at peak efficiency.

We're not big fans of rules or requirements, so we don't have a lot of them. Consequently, we don't have a lot of drama in our Fleet Family, which rules and regulations tend to create. Our fleet COs and XOs maintain an open-door policy -- any member can bring a problem or idea to leadership at any time. There are NEVER required logon times or enforced bank or project contributions. And we have weekly open-table meetings at which ALL members are invited and where ANY member can have the floor to speak their mind. But again -- participation isn't required. Starfleet Marines kick in and participate because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

Now, you might find this leadership style kind of loose for a group calling themselves the Starfleet Marines, but I assure you, it works for us. Our members appreciate the low-pressure environment because it makes us feel more like FAMILY than anything else. So if that's the kind of vibe you're looking for, then we might be the group that suits you.

Interested? Want to know more? Signal a member in chat or shoot me a message; I'm Tuna Meowt@Quark_Kent, and I'm one of the three COs in our Fleet Family.


Tuna Meowt
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07-19-2013, 08:12 PM
Bump & Updates --

Our main fleet (Fed) has two upgrades running; Embassy T3 and Mine T1.

Our KDF fleet's working on the various T3 upgrades to its starbase.

Our new Fed-allied Romulan fleet is building up its fleet bank and is cranking away on its projects.

If you're down for storming the beach, knocking some heads, and finding a chill group to game with, hail any member at your convenience or email me in game @Quark_Kent.

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