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As many of us are already aware, Creation Entertainment's Star Trek Las Vegas (STLV) convention is rapidly approaching. Cryptic representatives will be attending the convention to promote Star Trek Online again this year. Fans in attendance will get to meet some devs and enjoy their on-stage panel presentation (and possibly receive a special in-game item like last year's HoloLeeta Doff?). How can fans unable to attend also benefit?

Gazillion Entertainment knows! While the world celebrates comics and super-heroes at San Diego Comic-Con, Gazillion's Marvel Heroes MMO is celebrating with a bonus XP weekend. After geeking out over the Marvel content at SDCC, fans can then log onto the game to play as their favorite hero and enjoy an XP bonus!

Not to be outdone by Gazillion, I propose that Cryptic Studios should also celebrate "the largest Star Trek convention in the world" with a bonus XP weekend event. Trek fans unable to attend STLV would still get into the spirit of celebrating as they log onto STO and enjoy bonus XP while enjoying live convention coverage via Trek Radio.

This could also be publicity for STO as word gets out STO would be doing an in-game celebration event coinciding with the STLV convention. This could be another appearance by Q, or it could just be automatically applied to all characters for the duration of the convention. If this is done every year, fans all across the world would look forward to STLV either to attend in person or at least to play STO and get some bonus XP. This could also be one more incentive for new players to join and for existing players to return.

What does everyone think? Should Cryptic celebrate STLV with a bonus XP weekend event for everyone?
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07-19-2013, 09:38 PM
two thumbs up from this guy!
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I think it's a great idea! This year especially, since after the last Star Trek movie, fan chatter has been most abundant.
More people have joined STO or become aware of it since the new expansion, fleet improvements, reputation system, summer event, Star Trek movies, and Denise Crosby joining in.
Add to that a VERY stand-out, highly STO-promotional Podcast Row in the vendors room at the convention, with the Enterprise-D bridge aiming to be right there, along with the STO panels (there are two from what I hear)...
It would be a mistake not to hype it up with strong #STLV cross-promo (and with any big Star Trek convention anywhere) aimed at both players and potential "new blood" - in addition to the usual holo-character perk.
This is a good practice to start! Werd homez!

Related question... How big is STO's presence at Comic Con or other game or media cons, aside from STLV? I feel like there's a lot of potential not being tapped. Personally, I promote STO everywhere at the cons- as my Ferengi cosplay, Dar'Sluga (in-character), my STO-inspired Romulan cosplay, Lal - Data's daughter cosplay, with celebrities and ST-related folk I meet, and at the podcast/radio broadcasting booths! MOAR BLUD!

~ Adrianne Grady
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