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request that while in these boss chambers (2 for infected, 1 in cure) the Stealth Module and all applicable moves be interrupted and canceled out every 30 seconds.

a boss is no drone, they are better, smarter and more powerful, plus every 30 seconds, you have your attack bonus. 2 wins here

question is why? it is simple, in it's current state it locks out progress if you run in and stealth.

would people do it? already did. a good anti troll protocol would be very much appreciated, ty for reading, might be good is it also overlaps the door on the other side of it a bit in a cubed effect zone, perhaps it might be a detection grid of some sort the boss is using

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07-19-2013, 11:13 PM
I think i know what you mean, but its only really a problem if the person using stealth is the last man standing, then the room resets.

Other abilities i know of include shard of possibilities and neural neutralizer, if your the last man standing and use these, the boss doesn't see you hence thinks the room is dead, and resets the room.

While a nuisance it doesnt tend to happen often, because most (successful) teams have team mates who dont die (know about respawn locations and actually have hypos :p

While yeah the steal-reset is annoying i personally wouldnt deem it an important fix, well for the immediate future
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07-20-2013, 02:54 AM
What happens is someone runs into the boss encounter cloaked before anyone else has the chance to run in as well. That leaves one cloaked person inside the boss area, and 4 uncloaked people looking in from the outside. Those 4 players are completely visible to the boss (or mobs), but neither can get to the other. It creates a stalemate.

I felt it reasonable to explain this since the OP already exposed this information. I do expect, however, that a mod will come in here and remove identifiable details.

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