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So my scimitar's turn rate in system space is 14.3 unbuffed, I cloak and it gets to 26.38, when I decloak, during ambush it is 24.3.

According to the set (2) bonus:

When you leave romulan battle cloak, you retain your cloak's turn rate bonus for your ambush duration.

So the description is wrong? is my cloak giving 12.08 bonus to turn rate because I have other percentual turn rate bonuses going? Why does the percentual turn rate bonus end when I stop cloaking? Isn't it supposed to be identical cloak turn rate bonus for the ambush duration, I mean, Currently cloak aplies to your base turn rate, apparently it gives +10 turn rate to your base, meaning apo, atd, gamma, engine power? are boosting your cloak's bonus. I don't know if the lack of base turn rate bonus or the existing base turn rate bonus is broken, it's not just scimitar that has the issue, but scimitar set is not doing what it is supposed to be doing.

So, second "bug" when you use "Cloaked barrage" console it activates your ambush bonus, if you decloak during this cloaked barrage duration, which would be just before the barrage ends, so you can keep with constant firing, how the bug works is that if you decloak before barrage ends, your ambush bonus is not refreshed, even tho you are in cloak the whole time, decloaking does not retrigger the damage/turn rate bonus for my scimitar.
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08-10-2013, 09:32 PM
Some boffs boost your cloak abilities.

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