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07-22-2013, 10:37 AM
Any good RA BoP builds yet?

I'm currently planning to do a 3DHC, 1DBB/Chronnie torp with 2/3 turrets with a boff layout of:

TT1, CRF1, HYT/BO3, AP: O3
EPtS1 (In case of prolonged engagements, PvE for example)
LTC up for grabs

Also, does stealth skill boost anything other than the -visibility stat?
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07-22-2013, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by pixxiedust99 View Post
I am using

But I'm wondering which Embassy Console - Science - Emitter Array to use with it.

I am sorta thinking of going with the Plasma infusers, the vessel has 4 consoles and I might actually be able to pull a little bit of damage off with this set up. Also I could use them in pve to potientially pull off acceptable damage with this very heal and tanky build set up, (maybe even be able to heal tank with the right set up).

My questions are: is this build so much on the non damage end that, these wouldn't help enough to make it viable? Also maybe the shield or hull variant are soo good that I should take them instead? Or maybe its all negligible and I should just take whatever fits my playstyle?
eng healer builds dont deal damage. there like no reason to fire, you just set off proc heals if you do
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07-28-2013, 04:27 PM
Is the Fleet Negvar or K't'inga viable for a KDF engineer? If so, should the focus be healing, beam spam, or a quasi-escort DHC setup?
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07-28-2013, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by clintsat View Post
Is the Fleet Negvar or K't'inga viable for a KDF engineer? If so, should the focus be healing, beam spam, or a quasi-escort DHC setup?
Probably a DHC setup. The Negh'var and K'tinga are both good ships and with the right abilities they should be quite dangerous - APO, Evasives, EPtE can help you keep DHCs on the target at all times. If you think it's too slow for a DHC setup you should probably use single cannons + turrets, that would still pump out respectable damage while hitting more often.

You won't have tac spike, but you'll have engineering powers that can help you keep power levels up. As an engineer you won't really be dealing damage through abilities but rather power levels. If you use your abilities right and max your power levels, you will do more sustained powerful DPS than any tac, but that takes practice.

So, yeah, that would work. You just need to be good with your captain and ship abilities and you'll do fine.

Pick either ship you like.
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07-29-2013, 12:39 PM
This is what I was thinking of setting up my Fleet Dhelan (using the AtB and doffs):

Cmdr Tac: TT1 / APD1 / CRF2 / APO3
Ens Tac: TT1
Lt Uni / Eng: EPtEng1 / AtB1
Lt Eng: EPtS1 / DEM1
Lt Cmdr Sci: ST1 / TSS2 / HE3

2xpurple Tech doffs / 2xpurple Attack Pattern doffs / 1xpurple Shiled Distribution doff

Eng Cons: Enhanced RCS MK XII Ultra rare + all resist / Plamonic Leech
Sci Cons: Assimilated Module / Tachyokinetic Converter / ZPEC
Tac Cons: 5x purple MK XII Disruptor Induction Coil

Weapons: 3x purple MK XII DHC Nanite Disruptors (accx3) / purple MK XII DBB (accx3)
2x purple MK XII Turrets (accx3) / KCB

Def: Borg MK XII
Eng: Borg MK XII
Sh: Elite Fleet Res - Adapt / ResB / Cap
Dev: Red Matter / Subspace Field Modulator

What do you guys think??
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07-29-2013, 08:04 PM
Just wanted to share my Fleet Nova build here. It's OK for fun in the queues, but not really a competitive one.

Cmdr Sci: TB1/TSS2/ES2/ES3
Lt Cmdr Tac: TT1/CRF1/CRF2
Lt Sci: ST1/HE2
Lt Eng: EPtS1/AtS1
Ens Sci: PH1

Fore: 3xPhased Polaron Single Cannon
Aft: Polaron Beam Array, Polaron Turret, Kinetic Cutting Beam (Can be swapped out for an additional turret)

Def: Borg
Eng: Borg
Warp Core: Any Overcharged W->A
Shield: Borg

Eng: Plasmonic Leech, Neutronium, RCS Accelerator
Sci: 3xHuH Embassy Flow Cap, Tachyokinetic
Tac: 3x Polaron Phase Modulator

Subspace Field Modulator, Deuterium, Eng Battery

1xTractor Beam Officer (Shield Drain), 3xWarp Theorist (Shutdown enemy subsystem), 1 more of your choice

Chain the Energy Siphons to weaken the target and boost your own power (125/125/107/130 and 125/125/120/130 once leech stacks). Use of cannons is recommended due to leech stacking potential. Cannon Rapid Fire is chained in order to wear down the target due to reduced passive healing. Combine the innate target energy subsystems with the Energy Siphons for best results.

Make use of EM, Deuterium and Eng Batteries to maximise defense when under fire. Due to being unable to chain EPtS without giving up AtS, the Fleet Nova can be a bit squishy. This is helped by the use of the full Borg Set to maximise healing, along with Hull-healing Embassy Consoles to provide additional help once in a while. Between the proc heals, high subsystem power, regenerative shields and high speed, you will be very difficult to pressure down, if combined with good maneuvering. The Borg tractor beam and cutting beam will also allow you to get in a moment of spike here and there.

The Fleet Nova is a fun little ship. Given its size and maneuverability, it is the true escort among the science vessels. Given a good pilot, it can be very rewarding. In fact, I find it more fun than the Wells atm - along with being less cheesy.
Take it easy!

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# 837 a not obvious corvette
07-31-2013, 02:45 AM
Finally I got my corvette on for my tac on KDF side.

I was originally planning to design an obvious AtoB DHC setup for this speedy ship. However, a few days ago I fought a duel against a fleetie which used a FAW bug with the cardassian disruptors. I was in my AtoB DHC Norgh. And I lost? mainly because he kept moving and I couldn?t keep arc on him to do the necessary damage. With his accurate beams, he kept really good pressure on me, and destroyed me. So this made me think a bit, and I made following build.

Weapons: [Acc]x2 elite fleet disruptors. Front: 2x DBB, 2x BA. Back: 2x BA, 1x torp (trans/quant)
Deflector: Aegis (or borg if you need hull proc)
Engine: Aegis (or borg if you need hull proc)
Shield: Aegis / aKHG / KHG (placate proc)
Core: overcharged with efficient mod and E->W

Power settings: 100/50/35/15

Eng consoles: 3x neutronium alloy (or mine version with additional turn)
Sci consoles: borg, leach, nukara (+10 acc)
Tac consoles: disruptor coils

TT1, BO2

EptE1, AtoB1, DEM1
EptS1, AtoB1


Purple Doffs: 3x technician, 2x evasive (or 1x Marion if you have the EC)

Since I don?t have a Galor, I used the elite fleet disruptors. There are Accx2 versions of it. They have the disruptor proc, and shield bypass proc. Together with DEM1 and APB1, there is good hull debuff/damage synergy. When binding to spacebar, a reasonable stable cycle can be made with FAW3+APB1 and BO2+APO3. With the high accuracy, you do several nice things with the buffed FAW: clear spam, debuffing everyone, forcing tactical teams and self heals, leaching power. Next to it, you also have some spike damage with BO and HY torp to make a kill.

This works of course better on KDF side, with those nice elite disruptors. And it can work on any captain, but probably best with a tac, enhancing that hull damage. Its great with pugging and dog fights.

Regarding defenses, it?s a little squishy using only EptS1. However, you have a lot of defense and escape possibilities with EptE, APO and EM. If you still die too much, you can make a variation replacing DEM for EptS3. It also makes room for another hull heal: ET1. However, you would lose an important part of the synergy of this build.

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08-02-2013, 11:21 AM
I started playing with the Risian Corvette a couple nights ago, and find it works quite well. My setup is designed for dogfighting other escorts or hit-n-run-n-repeat tactics.

4x Advanced Fleet Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg]x2 [Acc]x2
2x Advanced Fleet Polaron Turret Mk XII [Dmg]x2 [Acc]x2
1x Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII [Dmg]x3

Deflector: Jem'Hadar Deflector Dish Mk XII
Engine: Jem'Hadar Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII
Shield: Elite Fleet Adaptive Covariant Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x2 [ResA] [Adapt]
Core: Hyper Injection Warp Core Mk XI [Rep] [W->A] [ECap] [SST]

Subspace Field Modulator
Auxiliary Battery

Eng Consoles:
2x Console - Engineering - Enhanced RCS Accelerator Mk X [+AllRes]
1x Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy Mk XI

Sci Consoles:
1x Console - Universal - Subspace Wake Generator
1x Console - Universal - Plasmonic Leech
1x Console - Science - Field Generator Mk XI

Tac Consoles:
4x Console - Tactical - Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XI

EPtE1, EPtS2, AtoD2

2x Conn Officer (Attack Patterns)
2x Damage Control Engineer
1x Hazard System Officer

Power Levels: 100/30/35/35 (actual before plasmonic is closer to 110/54/77/55)

  • I was using this ship with my Science Officer. I haven't fully decided yet, but I might like the RC even better than my JHAS!
  • I never had a chance to get a good test of the Subspace Wake Generator. It's an AoE that works against anyone within 2km behind you. With the insane speed and turn on this ship, I never had anyone back there.
  • Although the ship has less hull and shield than a JHAS, I think it might make up for that with the additional 15% defense bonus. It is supposed to increase with speed, but it seems bugged and never decreases with speed, maintaining that additional 15% defense if I ever come back to a complete stop.
  • I thought about only using 1 Fleet RCS and 2 Neutronium, but the damage resistance difference was only about 4%. I also declined to use the Tachyokinetic Converter.
  • This ship is fast! By the time I find my target and get my cannons lined up, I'm usually halfway past him already.
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08-02-2013, 11:42 AM
dear dabelgrave,

my thoughts about your build :

thats too many energy weapons, the weapons drain issues will make that dps go down a little bit - change a turret or the ccb for cloaking tractor mines or nukara mines - youll do more dmg thanks to lower energy drain, and youll get a tactical advantage some times, thanks to the mines.

you should only use the jem hadar set in pve if u have enough heals / or if you have a premade pve team or switch for the deflector/engine borg set for pve/pvp use if u mostly grab a team in public elite stf or just que in the pve journal.

you shouldnt use the sfm, switch that for a weapons battery, and use them always when u can, switching your power to max weapons, to max aux, and vice-versa.

eng consoles are good, but that much turn rate can be overwhelming to control, but if you like it... you should try switching the rcs for a subspace jumper for extra movement and advantages in some situations, but again, its up to your taste here...

in the stations, i understand now you are looking for a *speed demon* i dont like them, neither my *speed demon targets* --- but dont going far from what you are looking for :

tt1 - crf1 - crf2 - apo3
tt1 - apd1

epte1 - atod1* - epts3

tss1 - he2**

* the difference between atod1 and 2 is almost irrevelant.
** youll notice a lot of times that hull heals hots are better than shields hots

you shouldnt use that high shield power with a covariant type shield. even with 15 on shields, youll be safe from energy draining abilities knocking out your shields, thanks to epts3... about the rest, use max weapons, and max engines, or max aux - if u dont like switching energy presets in-battle.

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# 840 the real infiltrator
08-07-2013, 08:39 AM
Ok, this version of the T'Varo is best suited for a reman sci captain. With a full reman bridge crew with preferable superior infiltrators, you can gain maximum stealth, around 6150. This with 5 singularity bips you still have more than 5650 stealth. So this is the perfect build to infiltrate the enemy, spread some mines and torps and subnuc/scan/vm without almost to be noticed....

Front: 2 transphasic, trans cluster, bio-molecular torp
back: fill with trannies and mines like nukara, trannie or tachyon.

Full KHG set (more torp damage, more aux power, more crew heal)
engine singularity core with Eshad (warp shadows)

Eng consoles: 3x mine neutronium with Hull/turn
sci consoles: plasma and singularity stabilizer (T'varo set), aceton assimilator
tac: 1x transphasic compressors, 3x warhead yield chamber

TrB1, SS1,VM1

EptA1/EptE1, AtoS1

Purple doffs: 2x system engineer, 2x torpedo, 1x scramble / aux power technician

power settings: 15/15/45/85

You see there is no EptS. This because you want to stay cloaked. When you get decloaked, the 3piece KHG can be used as pseudo cloak. Also, if you need a shield refill, use quantum absorption. And TT can also buy time. You can either choose to use EptE for more speed, or EptA for better detection. You see them, they don't see you. AtoS and polarize hull for resists/heals. The scramble helps to "cloak" your plasma destabilizer torp, so you don't blow yourself into pieces. The bio-molecular photon torp (from one of the new missions) is there to kills lots of crew.

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