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I've been deciding whether of not to write this for a while. After all, RPers catch grief from some in this game. While I do love the min/maxing, shipbuilding, PvPing and other aspects of the game, after all that's done, what's next? Build another toon, or do the same grind over and over, for no other reason than to do it? There comes a time where character development and the social aspects of the game become as an important part as the others.

We all have our own reasons for playing. And let's face it, many of us here in STO land are here because we want to be something other than what we are IRL, for whatever reason. None of us are Starfleet captains, Klingon raiders, or Romulan refugees. One of attractions of MMO's are that we can be, in here, anything we want to be. We can forget our mundane issues, and be human, alien , male or female.

People base their characters on any number of things, for their own reasons. Some simply play themselves. Other make a generic " Growlll! Me klingon and kick your @$$," which is fine if you're fifteen. Some of us, myself included, prefer a more creative approach.

I have several characters. Each is based on one aspect of my personality and expanded upon. Each of them had wildly differing personalites,and I play them that way. It keeps them rooted in myself, while allowing me the creativity I desire. I don't create a toon then make up a story, I create the character around the concept. In no particular order, here are mine, and my reasons and thoughts on creating them.

Tarah, Alien (genetically engineered Andorian hybrid, shen) Starfleet engineer: Tarah is the part me me that is happiness, joy, and irreverent sarcasm. I developed her using some of the soft-cannon novels ( Andorian population collapse, genetic engineering to counteract it ect). rejected my most of her society ( her Klingon ridges mark her as "less than Andorian") she manages to stay positive in the face of adversity. The concept fit with a female.

Thomas, human male. Starfleet tac officer. Thomas is the the amalgamation of the things in me that are good and noble in humanity. Self sacrifice, honor , duty, the desire to defend others, the peacemaker. The one who would rather deescalate conflict rather than fight. He'd rather be a diplomat, than a soldier, but he comes from a family of soldiers and is bound by tradition. He wonders of all the blood he's shed will stain his soul. In my mind, the idea demanded a male character.

D'Shunai, Orion female KDF tac. D is the the rage, anger and pain in me. Brutal, merciless, and uscrupulous. She keeps slaves, even though she was once a slave herself. I had originally planned to make this one Klingon, but it didn't quite fit, and I thought the idea of making an Orion that was the polar opposite of the stereotype an interesting RP opportunity. And playing her is therapeutic in the sense I can release all that without actually hurting anyone ( I have rubbed some players the wrong way though. )

Theron. Andorian thaan .Starfleet sci. Theron is the part of me that is cynicism, bitterness, regret and disappointment. Born to a high ranking clan, be was cocky and arrogant. A botched ushaan that was only supposed to be to first blood landed him in prison for a decade. Disowned by his clan, and past the years of being able to have a family, he joined starfleet because he has nowhere else to go and being a decade older than his classmates, didn't make many friends. Again, the concept to me dictated a male. The least likeable of all my toons. Refers to everyone as "you damned pinkskin."

My Newest toon is De'Vanra, RRW Romulan female. This one was a little little different. I based her on the innocence, naivety, and sense of wonder I used to have. I used the LoR storyline and went from there. All she wanted to be was a farmer and khellid herder, and had her life uprooted by forces beyond her control. I sided her with the KDF simply that's because that's where most of my STO friends are.

I have one other toon, a Klingon engineer, but it's a dil/contraband farming tool, and not relevant. I personally find playing a Klingon boring. If you like it, have fun.

I apologize in advance for any typos. My fleetmates will tell you,I'm not very good at it. And as always, criticisms/comments welcome.
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Great post. Thank you.

I'll have a go...

I'm new to this game and have but one character yet. My not yet fully developed character, Salty, (Fed:Sci) is an older recruit; an astrophysicist who ran civilian research vessels before he pursued his first Starfleet commission. Mostly, he just wanted to fly farther in a starship. Life never goes as planned and he and his crew got caught up in the the Federation's dangerous disputes with her neighbors. At heart, he's a bit of a buccaneer. There is less military spit and polish in the way he runs his ship than the brass would like (edit: although, he loves preaching that a clean deck is a safe deck), which is fine with him, he knows the quality of his skilled crew and trusts them. Not much of a bio and, I'm not sure what makes him tick yet. it's a work in progress.
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Fantastic characters, and interesting motivations

My one critique is with regards Theron, as it is my understanding that for one to die in the ushaan is legally considered suicide, so no blame to the victor, so you may wish to rethink the reason for his incarceration, but other than that, all good I hope you will be participating in the literary challenges, so we can get to see more of them
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My one and only character with any RP background... well... let's see what I can do here. Oh, and the "To Boldly Go..." thread in the Captain's Table is a great RP thread. You can just hop in and do what you want.

So, onto my character: Voporak. He is a male Starfleet Tactical officer. He is mysterious, suspicious, wary of everyone outside his 50 hand-picked crew members, always wants to be in control, and has a dangerous fascination with time. Whenever a starbase has the misfortune of his ship, the U.S.S. Black Phantom (Sao-Paulo class warship), stopping by for a restock (done by the crew he trusts, of course), Voporak always goes to the base's club and sits in the corner by himself, waiting for the ship to be ready. He salvaged a Borg temporal node and had it intertwined with the ship's warp core. It was later upgraded to be capable of moving the Black Phantom through the timestream. Terran Empire technology was also added to make it capable of going across multiple timelines. Voporak uses these devices rather (in the eyes of everyone else) haphazardly. In an alternate universe he traveled to, he destroyed a 29th century time ship and its entire crew unscrupulously with prototype Omega particle weapons just as a show of force.

He is on permanent detached duty, because Starfleet Command (who does know of and keep under the mat his ship's temporal core, after a rough series of events...) doesn't trust him with missions (who would?). He often decides to show up and 'help other ships on rescue missions (which usually includes decloaking from nowhere and scaring the whole rescue ship's crew). His ship is allowed to use a cloaking device because he talked the Federation and what was left of the Romulans into having one installed. Somehow in the deal Voporak also managed to net several cases of authentic 2217 Romulan Ale.

He also loves bunnies.
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