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The one thing this game is really lacking is the ability to weave the separate events going on in the STO Universe together. When you accept an individual mission youre given some light reading to update you on the situation at hand and the objectives that need to be met for it to be a successful mission. After completing your mission, youre given even more light reading to sum up what you already know..because you were there and experienced it all first hand.

The problem is, theres no overview of the current events at the time you enter the area youll be conducting missions out of. So during the course of your missions (for example level 10 to level 20) its hard to gauge where the sector stood before your influence and where it stands as you go along and finally when you leave. Your contacts for the missions do very little in the way of appraising you of the issues at hand and when youre done with that area of space its pretty much 'Thanks for the assist, now go report to your next contact'.

I feel like an Initial Brief of the Current Events in the Area of Space youre operating in will help give you an idea of where things stand and why these missions youll begin to embark on are imperative to the Federations goals in the region. The Initial Brief will layout the path to success and help with telling the story which up to this point seems jumbled and hard to piece together from a player standpoint.

Once youve finished the final storyline mission in the region youll be presented with a After Action Report and Debrief. Youll be appraised of how your actions in different situations has helped the Federation and its allies or how its deterred future attacks from Enemy Group A, B, C, or D.

These briefs could really tie up the loose ends left once you leave for other regions as you are promoted (level up). Giving you some closure and the ability to reflect on how you and your crew has made a difference in the region.

The two main reasons people feel like their actions means nothing is because of
1.) They fly through the areas they were once 'patrolling' at a lower rank and see that nothings changed....
2.) Theres not much in the way of weaving the storyline together. After killing Klingons left and right by the time youre called on to go into Deferi Space the same Klingon Captains you battled just a few ranks before are now peacefully flying next to you...And when you head over to battle it out with the Borg, there they are again.

Now Ive always assumed that the gameplay is over the course of 2409...the beginning months are still full of outright war with the Klingons. After you spend some time defending the Core Worlds and kicking B'Vats tuckus theres not much fight left in the Klingons so youre called on to deal with the Romulan situation and so forth. But because Cryptic has failed to add elements that relay the events in STO as time passing from the beginning of 2409 to the end of it. Most people feel the war is senseless (which I might add...what war isnt senseless?) because it seems like were 'at war' but were 'not at war' all at the same time....

This is why I think Briefs/Debriefs would be some nice storyline additions that will help tie up the loose ends. We know Cryptic can do it because they did it with the Path of 2409 where they did, in my opinion, a great job of taking us from the end of the Dominion War to the present.

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1.) They fly through the areas they were once 'patrolling' at a lower rank and see that nothings changed....
Actually this is the only reason. I don't think brief/debrief will change as we basically have them (in episode and patrol they are quite nice).

But if doing or not doing a mission will impact the world then we will have something to tie use to the game.

As I always point out, something must be at stake to immerse people.

Example : if the enemy signal actually attack you when you fly too close then cleaning them will seem somewhat useful.

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