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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Or the Vaadwaur are still basically extinct and the storyline is defending their last holdout against the people who took over Underspace (want to say Turei?). Negates having to write in a power up in for the Vaadwaur, and also sidesteps the fact that Vaadwaur history mirrors the Iconians so closely.
I just finished watching that episode. It is indeed the Turei who control those subspace corridors.

The question here is, why would the Federation want to defend the last Vaadwaur holdout, or the Klingon Empire for that matter? The Vaadwaur proved themselves to be untrustworthy, ambitious people who would likely turn on the Federation (and the Klingon Empire, most likely) when presented the chance. It seems more likely that if a storyline involves the Vaadwaur, it would feature them using newly-discovered subspace corridors to reach the Alpha Quadrant and attack the Federation with a new military force they somehow created in the space of 40-50 years.

I feel that it would be a stretch to use the Vaadwaur. Then again, bringing the friggin Hirogen into the Alpha Quadrant was a mind-boggling stretch, given that the Hirogen are a nomadic species that are primarily located in the Delta Quadrant and the far reaches of the unexplored portions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

I prefer to avoid speculating wildly about the identity of this new 'enemy' without further information. Literally all we're really working with is 'a new enemy that was featured in Voyager', and that could range anywhere from the Kazon to the Voth.
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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Adventure Zones are persistent maps that are open to many people at once, teamed or not, usually with multiple different missions/chains throughout the map.
I'm more curious as to how the Space Adventure Zone will be implemented .

Right now we have New Romulus that can house 50 players per instance + 50 'companion' NPC's . That's 100 toons per map .

But space combat is different .
You have your Carriers , you have your mines , you have your Hello Kitty power activation animations , you have your ton of fire power animations pouring all over the place .

Starbase Fleet Defense is the closest to large scale space combat we've got , with 20 players and a respectable amount of enemy NPC's , and a number of players have complained about missing animations (weapons , pets , powers) .

Yet if players will be presented with a persistent space map that has :
a) issues
b) a low player cap per instance

I'm not sure how well that will be received , nor am I confident that the Cryptic engine can get past this hurdle ... as some complain about missing animations even in CE (when you close in to near point blank range to the CE) , and that has only 5 players in it .
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