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# 21 Dragon Taming
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LC46: How to Tame Your Dragon

Last time on Star Trek Online: Lord English...


Captain's Log, supplemental. Admiral Kathryn Janeway, once captain of USS Voyager, described the Vaadwaur in unsavory terms. With their species driven close to extinction over nine hundred years ago, the remaining Vaadwaur, members of an elite military battalion, attempted to commandeer Voyager in an effort to destroy their enemies before fleeing to parts unknown. Now one of these Vaadwaur has made her way to the Lord English. Captain Sulu has given me free rein to deal with our new visitor, and as a result, I've sent the Jake English to an undersea trench in case the debriefing of our new visitor fails and drastic actions have to be taken to prevent loss of civilian life.

Deep in an undersea trench, an Aquarius mission pod ran silent, undisturbed by the abyssal life which floated around it. On board, Orion Security Chief Aranea Serket and Aenar Senior Counselor Jhamyn Othisi were finishing their debriefing with their Vaadwaur visitor, Junior ScoutLesa. Meanwhile Vice Admiral Remus Lee had an open channel to Captain Akira Sulu.

"So what have you learned from your captive, admiral?" Sulu asked.
"Outside of her name and species, nothing much," Lee replied. "She seems to be withholding information out of spite. My counselor is unable to get much information telepathically. However, what both she and my security chief have gathered through body language though is that she truly is concerned about being far from Vaadwaur space."
"Starfleet Command has asked the USS Solaris to reach your position if you need it. Do you believe the Vaadwaur prisoner is dangerous?" Sulu asked.

Lee nonchalantly waved off Sulu's concerns.

"I don't think we need to bother Admiral Beringer about this. In my opinion, our Vaadwaur guest can be treated as an ambassador from the Vaadwaur rather than a potential threat," he stated.

Sulu's brow furrowed as he pondered Lee's unorthodox plan. The Federation-Klingon War has depleted Starfleet's pool of officers with years of command experience, and Admiral Lee, like most of the captains minted after Vega IX, used enthusiasm and drive to compensate for his lack of professionalism and maturity. On the other hand, it was this same James Kirk-like independent streak which allowed captains like Remus Lee to outlive more by-the-books officers. Sulu thought of his old friend, the late Captain John Hollingsworth...

"I've never doubted your opinion before, admiral, and I won't do so now," he finally replied. "The Vaadwaur prisoner is in your hands, and I expect that you'll adhere to Federation principles in your dealings with her."
"You've known me since I was a lieutenant on the Tavros Nitram, 'kira. You can trust me not to screw up our guest too much. By the way, you should spend some time here; the weather is fine and the mai tais are excellent," Lee suggested.
"Another time, admiral. I have much work to do defending the Federation. Sulu out."

Admiral Lee closed his PADD and stuck it back in his pocket. On the horizon, the Jake English broke the surface of the water right in front of the twin sunrise of Risa. Lee waved at his security chief on the mission pod's bridge before flying off in search of more horgh'ans.


Junior Scout Lesa examined her environs. There were no signs of heavy industry, no war machines in parked formation, no battalions enforcing martial law on discontent subjects. This was indeed an alien world to Lesa. She saw a couple frolicking around in the sands.

"Those aliens are moving very carelessly. One of them already fell down and dragged its companion down with it. It seems as if the inhabitants of this planet are very undisciplined and inefficient with their time."

Lesa's attention then turned to the Aenar walking on the boardwark. Clad in a white sundress and broad-brimmed straw hat and holding a parasol, Senior Counselor Jhamyn Othisi strode to Lesa and offered her a combadge.

"Admiral Lee has allowed you to explore Risa at your leisure with the stipulation that somebody accompany you. As long as you don't start wrecking the pleasure planet, he sees no need to keep you in our custody," she told Lesa.

Lesa stared gamely at the young Aenar. Not so long ago, she was sitting across from her, a grim visage trying to break down the Vaadwaur for information. Now here she was, all sunshine, without a trace of the emnity which she wore for the past eight hours.

"Leisure is not for a Vaadwaur," Lesa told Jhamyn. "A Vaadwaur's duty is to strenghten our Supremacy until all threats are eliminated."
"Forgoing leisure time can be detrimental to one's mental health, you know," Jhamyn stated. "I should know, I'm a counselor. Here, let me take you to where my friends are."

Grasping Lesa's hand, Jhamyn took Lesa down the boardwalk in search of her friends. Lesa could only wonder how aliens could devote an entire planet to pleasure. The Vaadwaur would have drained the planet dry if it furthered the Supremacy's agenda, she thought.


"Tulip ga kaze ni katamuki yoko muita~"

Singing an ancient Japanese folk tune to herself, Commander Ten of Twenty-Five reclined in her gazebo chair while drawing on her PADD. Across the way, her friend Commander Newa leaned on an end table eating a Deferi Snow Tuber while waiting for Jhamyn to join them in a jaunt on Risa. Presently, Jhamyn and Lesa arrived at their gazebo. Lesa took a seat next to Ten, much to Ten's annoyance.

"The admiral has suggested that we extend to the fullest the Federation's hospitality to the representative of the Vaadwaur regardless of what first impressions we all have," Jhamyn explained.
"It's all well and good, but does our Vaadwaur guest even want Federation hospitality?" Newa said around her snow tuber.
"The hospitality of the Federation is unnecessary," she replied. "Protecting the Vaadwaur against their enemies is more than enough to sustain me."

Ten frowned. The way the Vaadwaur talked about service to her species reminded her about the Borg, and it made the former drone uncomfortable. Sensing her discomfort, Jhamyn tried to change the subject.

"Would you like something to eat?" she asked. "I assume that you would be hungry since you have been under surveillance as soon as you arrived here."
"Vaadwaur service personnel subsist on a nutrient solution to be consumed during combat operations. Solid food is rationed for the leaders of the Vaadwaur as well as for Vaadwaur too young for active duty," Lesa replied. As if on cue, Lesa's stomach grumbled, garnering a smirk from Newa.
"We don't have any nutrient solutions here, but I have something that would be just as effective in filling you up," she said, holding up a fried catfish.
"Don't worry, it won't bite," she added smugly as she placed the catfish in Lesa's shocked mouth.

Rather than killing her outright, as Lesa expected, the fish actually felt and tasted delectable, much more than the nutrition cubes she ate as a Vaadwaur toddler, and worlds apart from the nutrient solution she usually eats. As she consumed the fish, the tension around the gazebo started dissipating. Newa and Jhamyn smiled at each other while Ten visibly relaxed. Soon the gazebo atmosphere dissolved into a haze of good cheer as the three Starfleet officers ordered more potent foods for everyone to consume.


Before long, the twin suns of Risa began to set, and crowds of partygoers thronged the docks to watch the fireworks. The three Lord English officers and their Vaadwaur ward picked out a spot on the beach to watch the fireworks, although Lesa still had questions as to the purpose of the event.

"So hundreds of labor-hours and many metric tons of explosives are expended to produce visual stimuli lasting minutes?" she asked.
"The combinations of colors, patterns, and sounds are designed to evoke emotional responses in the watchers, so that those who gaze upon them will come away enriched from the experience," Ten replied.
"Even those who cannot fully enjoy the event due to a cultural or biological reason," Jhamyn added, pointing to her Aenar eyes, "can still appreciate it in the company of close friends."

Newa punctuated the discussion by opening a bottle of Slug-o-cola.

"The aim of a fireworks show is to provide a momentary distraction from the tribulations which beset the citizens of the Federation," Newa said in between sips. "Even though the Federation is fighting fang and claw to prevent its enemies from conquering it, its citizens still find the time to celebrate life and even invite those same enemies as a gesture of goodwill."

Soon the fireworks started, and the crowds on the beach sat in awe at the pyrotechnic display which lit up the Risian sky. Lesa pondered her experiences in Federation space, and stared into the fireworks-lit sky.

Director Gaul described the Voyagers as selfish and devious people who denied the Vaadwaur what they needed to restart our civilization and then tried to annihilate them when they protested, Lesa thought. Yet these Federation aliens have shown themselves to be generous and forthright, willing to share what they have even to those who seek to conquer them. I still can't rule out that this is one very drawn-out subterfuge to trick me to betray the Vaadwaur though.

"So what do you think of the Vaadwaur?" Lesa asked aloud.

Ten glanced aside at Lesa.

"To be honest, we don't know what to think," she confessed. "The Vaadwaur were among the myriad aliens USS Voyager encountered during its seven-year trip home. We had to do some deep digging to find anything. Captain Janeway of the Voyager described first contact with your people as "shaky" since it ended with Voyager having to defend itself from Vaadwaur fighters trying to take over her ship."
"Given the distance between Vaadwaur territory and the Federation, Starfleet was initially not ready to receive you as an envoy of the Vaadwaur," Jhamyn adjoined. "With the current state of Federation affairs, Starfleet does not desire to fight the Vaadwaur any more than they desire to fight the other interstellar governments we're combatting now. The Federation is more than willing to resort to arms to defend its citizens, but prefers making solutions which provide mutual benefits to all involved. This is our guiding principle."

Lesa grew silent. The idea of mutual benefit was foreign to her; all sentient beings, Vaadwaur or alien, were ordered by Director Gaul to sacrifice everything for the continuation of the Vaadwaur species, or die violently as an example to others. This Federation, on the other hand, governs itself through cooperation and mutual support, yet is still strong enough to maintain the existence of its aliens. For the first time in her life, Lesa began to doubt herself and the goal to ensure the Vaadwaur's existence by denying their enemies existence. Lesa attempted reciting The Victories of the Vaadwaur but found that even that time-honored tradition lost its soothing effect on her as she began seeing the detrimental effects the victories had on the Vaadwaur.

Seeing Lesa talking to herself, Newa turned towards her.

"You seem distracted. Is there something on your mind?" she asked.
"I was raised on the concept that the galaxy has nothing to offer the Vaadwaur except pain and misery if the Vaadwaur didn't act to tame it," Lesa responded. "Aliens like you, Ten, and Jhamyn were supposed to be conquered or destroyed if the Vaadwaur were to survive another decade. It never occurred to me that some aliens in the galaxy were like the Vaadwaur- just scratching an existence in a cold, unforgiving universe. Not to mention your dedication to sharing that existence with other aliens."

Newa gave Lesa a cold stare before grinning.

"Not every species in the galaxy is as welcoming as those belonging to the Federation. I'm sure you've heard of the Borg and their plan to assimilate all life into their Collective. Even then, the Federation is actively attempting to find a way to rescue as many drones as we can. The Federation is all about giving people chances, even if it ends up clawing us in the hindquarters. If you want to go back to the Vaadwaur, we will do our damnedest to get you back home, even if it kills us. Now let's enjoy the rest of the fireworks."

Lesa fell silent once more. The fireworks show reached its climax, and in that span of time, Lesa decided on what she could do.


The next day, Commander Kay Taylor met with Lesa as the latter requested, in the Admiral's ready room.

"So Lesa, how can I help you?" she asked.
"Commander Taylor, until the time comes when I can return to the Vaadwaur Supremacy, I will allow your Federation to utilize my skills for the service of the Vaadwaur," Lesa pledged while placing a fist over her heart.
"I'm not exactly sure what you want, Miss Lesa," Kay answered with a bemused look. "Do you wish to establish a contract between you and Admiral Lee? He's still on Risa's surface."
"I... not exactly, Commander. Counselor Othisi has told me that your Federation values mutual cooperation, and therefore I grant permission to use me in a way which serves both the Vaadwaur and the Federation."
"So... you want to work with the Federation?"
"'Working' with aliens is strictly forbidden under orders of Director Gaul, because a true Vaadwaur should take what is needed and get everything else by force. However, a Vaadwaur's first duty is to ensure his or her own survival in emergencies using whatever steps necessary. As the senior Vaadwaur combatant in the area, I've decided that cooperation with the Federation is required to ensure my survival."

Kay smiled inside, though her face betrayed none of her emotion. She could clearly see that Lesa was now willing to cooperate with the Federation now that the enormity of her situation dawned on her. Her pride in being a Vaadwaur, however, prevented her from stating it outright and showing weakness as a result. No matter, she thought, it would be her honor to accept Lesa as a guest of the Federation.


Captain's Log, supplemental. Operation Delta Defrost has paid off in spades. The Vaadwaur passenger we picked up in Pelia is prepared to play ball. We will escort her to Earth Spacedock where she will initiate a more formal working relationship with the Federation, and hopefully open doors to further relations with the Vaadwaur. This will also serve as a good excuse to test out the new Risian Corvette, RXS Serenity. After we take Lesa to meet with Ambassador Sugihara, we will meet up with Captain Yim again for another galaxy tour for credits.

Literary Challenges Entries- Star Trek Online: Lord English
Dramatis Personae of Star Trek Online: Lord English

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Sounds like some great getaways! Thanks to everyone who participated

I'll be posting #47 shortly (hehe, "47"... just you wait ) -- feel free to still participate in this challenge if you have not yet, though!


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Chief Medical Officer's Personal Log, USS Bonaventure.

Well, six days of relaxation and counting.

For somebody else, that is. The last five days have had me busier than I've been in months...and that's including the various battles with the Borg, Klingon, and assorted races that do their best to make my patients experience the wonders of vacuum.

But I'm not too busy to question the judgement of this crew. An observer checking the Sickbay logs would seriously doubt that the human race is advanced enough to achieve spaceflight.

Never mind become warp capable.

Ah...this is a personal log. It's only going to become available to others should I expire or commit some unspeakably unwholesome I can be frank with how I feel that some of the crew have apparently beamed down without a portion of their brains. It's healthy to vent:

Despite having graduated from Starfleet Academy, 16 officers have forgotten the adage of, "what goes up, must come down." 12 of those are science officers. Science officers that have forgotten about gravity. 8 single leg breaks from falling when their blasted floaters ran out of fuel, 3 dual leg breaks, and 5 dual leg breaks with either spinal or pelvic trauma to boot. The most severe injuries came when the victim thought that water would be a better place to fall than the land. Yes...these are the same science officers I trust to guide us through temporal, gravimetric, and other assorted spatial anomalies...officers who can't remember that water does not compress.


The next category of idiocy makes me regret serving on an Oddy, just because of the number of cases I had to deal with.


This time it wasn't just the sciences that forgot about thermal radiation. 347 of these geniuses forgot to apply protection. Some of Starfleet's finest had burns on the most interesting parts of their anatomy... and no, I don't care to go over them in my personal log. Suffice to say that I have 67 bottles of Romulan Ale from those who asked very nicely for me to omit their treatment from their personnel file. After all, a prospective future captain can't have it become known that they burnt their....


Yes, I took the bribes. I need to stock up on medicinal supplies...and they make excellent bartering items when I need to "borrow" a shuttle. Hmm...actually, I'll be able to "borrow" the Rouge Valley, along with a double crew, for the next couple of months...

Where was I? Ah...yes...thermal injuries. I don't know if I should include this with the sunburns, or open a new category of stupidity. How does one forget that sand gets hot? And how does one stay on a beach so long as to burn the soles of their feet?

I ask only because the beaches at the resort island are narrow, with cool grass only meters away. Cool grass, and shady paths everywhere.

But no...a half dozen souls burnt their soles by staying *on* the sand that was burning them. They didn't move to the grass, or even walk in the water. They stayed on the sand.

I had to leave Sickbay and cry in my quarters for an hour after treating the fourth victim. Cried because this particular member of our crew holds such a lofty position, yet forgot their mind.

And on the topic of injuries to the'd think that this crew has their brains in their boots...once they remove the boots, they remove the ability to think.

How else do you describe why 132 of our crew had lacerations...some severe...on the tops of their feet? Again, those blasted floaters are to blame. I can almost hear the brain cells not firing as the thoughts came to them:

"Uh...yeah...let's use a high speed device to dangle our legs as we fly though the air! It feels hot...let's dip our toes in that non-compressible water and hope the skin stays on!"


"Hey...let's hunt for those horgon-whatchits! Let's use a high speed device to dangle our legs as we fly through the air...I'm sure I've cleared those trees...but those branches are small, they shouldn't hurt much!" so very, very wrong.

Ah. Starfleet's finest minds.

One last category for our crew. Allergic reactions and abrasions from floral necklaces, bracelets, belts, garters...*sigh* seems like this crew draped flowers wherever they could. Not replicated ones, with neutral makeups, but the local flora that accounts for an astounding 288 casualties.


Not a single one which was a minor reaction where one would say, "Hey...this stings a bit...better take it off." All 288 were severe enough to where topical analgesic creams wouldn't be adequate treatment.


Ah...the sounds of a good Romulan Ale that starts to breathe...I need it.

But first...a follow up on our Captain.

I'm becoming very concerned about him...him and our XO. Since that incident a month ago, he's been a little withdrawn. Quiet. And our Betazoids have reported signs that our Captain is exhibiting symptoms of severe PTSD. Nightmares...intrusive thoughts...depression. When even the Betazoids who aren't in our Counselling Division report it out of concern, it's time to take notice. It, I won't betray confidence, even in a personal log...well, a junior officer said she felt the Captain become extremely agitated at the announcement that Risa was our shore leave destination. She said his mind screamed, "Risa is gone...destroyed by the Borg."

But it's not. And the fact that he thought it was disturbs me at many levels.

Our XO? Her eyes have been red...and not from some pollen allergies. I've seen those kind of eyes a thousand times...eyes that have been up all night crying.

Neither of them has beamed down yet.

Think I'll invite them over to share this bottle...and politely suggest they get off this ship for a spell.

Computer, end log.

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