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# 1 Fleet red alert
07-23-2013, 10:51 PM
I know I am going to be lit up for this post but, it has to change. Currently I have been seeing numerous players leaving Fleet Red Alert early. Yesterday I found out why. I have not checked, to be sure, but if it is true cryptic needs to change the way the Feet Red Alert works. From what I am being told is if you leave prior to wave four or right after the mission does not go on cooldown, so you can requeue instantly. People are staying for four round and leaving, because it is quicker and faster to get more fleet marks by requeueing than staying. I have not tried, but if this is true it need to be fixed. This is an exploit and is ruining the Feet Red Alert. It can be fixed by numerous ways. First way is to put mission on cooldown as soon as the player enters the map. Second put all or 85% of the marks at the end of the mission. Third put an one penalty on all fleet mark events for people that leave. Sorry to bring this up by the exploiter, but I get tired of people ruining my game.

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