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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the forty-seventh Literary Challenge: "There are 47!"
"There are 47!"

47 of what? Let us know...

((The number 47 was often used in numerical references throughout the various Star Trek series and movies as an Easter egg of sorts. Reference to the number 47 can also be found throughout STO.))
This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
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  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
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47 augmented self-conscious dolphins which live in super cool pool at Memory Alpha. They are the brightest scientists around.
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Captain's Log, stardate 93547.98:

We have rendezvoused with ships from the Klingon Empire, the newly-formed Romulan Republic, and the Federation - a task force comprised of a total of 47 ships to combat the alliance of the Iconians, Tholians, and the Borg. Admiral D'Vak of the USS Victory, Captain P'tor of the IKS Chang, and Admiral Kererek of the RRW Saeihr[i], have met in the former Romulan-Klingon-Federation Neutral Zone in the Tau Dewa sector block.[/I

"Greetings, P'tor. It is...good to see you again."

"Qapla', D'Vak. The Empire sends it's greetings, to both you and Admiral Kererek. Thank you for allowing us to meet aboard your ship, Captain Aubrey. It truly is an honor to be aboard the renowned USS Retribution, although not as much an honor as it would be fight you in battle."

"Captain P'tor, I don't believe that fighting Captain Aubrey at this time would be beneficial to any of us, given the gravity of our present situation.

Thank you, Admiral Kererek. Now shall we get down to the business that is at hand? Subadmiral Sal'is Arrai and General Sai Aranor will hopefully be joining us shortly to provide their support. The Klingon Empire and the Federation are at war, as you all know.
However, as you all know, there is a ceasefire order put in place by both our governments in times of extreme threat. I tell you now, that we are in one of those times. The Iconians have allied themselves with the Borg Collective and the Tholian Assembly. This could potentially devastate the entire galaxy as we know it.

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Xui Li was working in the science lab, helping to calibrate the sensors with Panuu.

Panuu was puzzled over one of Xui Li's little hobbies.

"I still do not understand what your fascination with them is."

"It is simple. As pets, they are the perfect specimen. They do not require feeding, they do not create a mess, and they are completely self sufficient."

Panuu frowned a little.

"But they don't do anything."

"Actually, they have been found to greatly lower stress levels and provide a calming influence on humanoids."
"But are they not considered a menace?"
"No. Not when, ah, proper procedures are observed."
"I am still surprised the Captain lets you keep them."

"Captain Stunshock understands and respects my position. And I, ah, have agreed to observe all protocols. There will not be an outbreak."

"I hope not. I have read the stories of what happens."

Xui Li closed the sensor panel and carefully put her instruments away.

"If you would like, you can come to my quarters and see them."

Panuu nodded respectively, having learnt some of the ways of Chinese culture.

"I would like that very much. Allow me to finish this diagnostic."

Xui Li patiently waited for the Deferi to finish, then left the lab.

"I have yet to find anyone who did not like these creatures. I'm sure you will find them most wonderful."

"You said you have 6, correct?"

"Correct. Part of the protocols is that their numbers must be kept no higher on any one ship."

They approached the door to her quarters and opened it. Xui Li let out a gasp and Panuu raised an eye ridge. The main part of her quarters was buried under a furry blanket of tribbles.

"How many did you say you had?"

"I do not understand. This should not have happened. I was very careful."

Xui Li entered the room and tried to pick her way across the carpet. It was impossible to tell where her original tribbles were.

She whipped out her tricorder and scanned the room.

"I appear to now have 47 tribbles. This is most troubling."

Panuu picked his way across the carpet to the table. He could smell something under it. Kneeling down, he started digging into the tribble mound, extracting a half eaten sandwich.

"I believe this is what caused it."

"nǎo can. I forgot that was there when I was called to the Bridge during this morning's Yellow Alert. The rocking of the ship must have knocked their habitat cage open and they were able to feed."

"We really need to get this cleared quickly."

Xui Li tapped her commbadge.

"Xui Li to Commander Kazzur."

"Yes lieutenant?"

"I, ah, appear to have had an accident with my tribbles."

"They bred?"

"Yes Sir. They bred."

She quickly ran across the room to scoop one up that was escaping out into the hallway.

"I'm sending a biohazard team to your quarters. Make sure they don't escape, or eat any more."

"Yes Sir."

Xui Li re-entered her quarters and noticed Panuu was cradling a tribble, softly purring at it as it purred at him.

"I believe I understand why you like to keep these pets, despite the obvious risks."

"I am pleased at least something worthwhile has come out of this."

She looked around her quarters, wondering just how they were going to get all these tribbles off the ship.

A Romulan Strike Team, Missing Farmers and an ancient base on a Klingon Border world. But what connects them? Find out in my First Foundary mission: 'The Jeroan Farmer Escapade'

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It has been too long since I've seen my old friend...far too long.

I wish it could be under better circumstances.

He sat in the shade, staring out to sea. There was zero surf...and in my mind I heard his voice from the past describing it as, "glassy, brah. Not pumpin' today." Surfing is what cemented our me out of my shell, got him relaxed enough to not worry about making, then leading, Omicron Group.

Omicron Group...the sub-division of Red Squad that nobody in the Academy was supposed to know about.

Pffft....worst kept secret, with us yelling "OG" while catching the waves. God, that was years ago.

So much has happened between now and then.

He didn't hear me walking up, so, disguising my voice with an accent, I muttered, "Nice view. Better than Papailoa Beach on Earth."

"Get lost." There was venom in his words; he didn't recognize my voice, and I knew that his tone meant he was *not* to be disturbed. He didn't move a muscle.

I dropped the accent, hoping to defuse the situation. "Come now, old that any way to talk to an OG?"

His head turned slightly. "Hearing going in your old age? I said get lost." But the venom was gone, and from my vantage point I could see the edge of his lip curling up in that smirk of his.

"Chill, brah. No stay huhu." It always cheers him up when the 'uptight Vulcan' drops formal speech and delves into Pidgin.

But I could tell that things were really wrong when his head sagged down as if gravity just tripled. "Sit down, Sotek. If you're here...well...somebody's told you. I'm losing my mind."

I had not seen him this way since the loss of the Yorktown.

"That is not what I had heard," I lied. "The Honolulu is due for an upgrade on her nacelles. Six weeks in I granted my crew shore leave for the duration once I knew which berth we would be in. You know how the SCE's in Drydock 47 get when a ship comes in...they demand that the entire crew beam off so they can "fix" the ship and bring it back to stock configuration." I sighed heavily. "You said years ago that having an all Vulcan dock crew would prevent them from accepting that any variance from standard specifications was permissible. You were right."

There was little emotion in his voice as he spoke. "Took you a long time to admit that. Jax had the Ajax in 47 a few months ago. That rumble on deck 6 that their Chief Engineer resolved by branching the secondary inverters...well, they restored the system back to specs...and Jax hasnt slept a full night since. Hmmph. Vulcans...Andorians...Humans...hell, any isolate them from other cultures, and they will revert to their worst traits. You pointy eared walking tricorders have this tendency to go strictly by the book. And you get all formal with communications. It's annoying. That...and there's the fact that every 7 years, nothing's gonna get done." He paused. "And you still can't lie worth a damn. Why are you here?"

I knew that it was wrong to try to deceive my friend. "We are worried about you."

He sighed. "I just can't put it past me. You know what happened. Don't you dare say otherwise...all of 'OG' knows. I just can't put what happened aside. That...that..." He dropped his head into his hands, tears starting to come out.

I only saw him cry a few times before. Sara & Arky's wedding day. At Jen's birth. Alex's first recital. The day the nightmare of the Yorktown court martial ended, and when they gave him the Bonaventure. I knew he was hurting.

"I can't get over it," he sobbed. Everything that's happened...has happened. And yet it hasn't happened. And it will happen again!" His voice turned to ice. "Death. We're all dead."

Pain radiated off him.

"Let me help you, my friend," I calmly spoke. "Please."

He nodded sadly. "Try," the single word coming out no louder than a whisper.

I tried for a small joke. "Do or do not, there is no try." It was from a favorite film of his, one which we watched many, many times after a day on the waves. But what usually brought a smile to his face had no effect whatsoever.

I knelt by his side, moved my hand to his face, and uttered the words tradition mandated. "My mind, to your thoughts, to your thoughts."

It didn't matter how many melds I had partaken in. Didn't matter how much meditation I have done. Years of dedication to the mastery of emotion....none of it could prepare me for the pain he felt:

<Pain> {Death} Rebirth (NOOO!!!!) {Help me L'naa!} <How!?!> B'Tran Cluster {Sotek, look out!} (Arrgh!) <Why, Q? Why are you doing this?> {I HATE YOU} [[Resistance is Futile]] <<Abandon Ship!>> (No time!) {Brace for impact!}<<WHY?!?!>>{NOOOOO!!!!}

My hand shot away as if I had touched a live wire.

He had passed out.

My head was screaming with thoughts...this is what he's been living with? It was bad for the one year, one month, two weeks, and two days from the time the Yorktown was destroyed to his being absolved of any blame.

But this was an infinite order of magnitude worse. Something had shattered the boundaries that divide the multiple universes, and his mind had seen 47 versions of them...each one worse than the last.

I tapped my combadge, gasping out, "Sotek to any station...medical emergency...immediate transport for two beings required."

My mind started to go grey, as if a fog had jumped in from the sea. It was overtaking me fast, worse than wiping out at Pipeline. I was drowning in pain, and I recognized the signs of blacking out. I had no idea where I could even start to help my friend...but knew that all the 'OG' would have to be a part of it. Of that, I was sure.

I was too dizzy...even on my knees. The sky was no longer blue, and the emerald jungle faded away. I dropped on my back, faintly hearing a distant chirp.

"This is the Endeavour...we have you, Captain Sotek, energizing now."

The familiar blue sparkles poked through my clouded vision...and just as the blackness started to take me, I recalled a small whisper from the screams in his mind:


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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the forty-seventh Literary Challenge: "There are 47!"
"There are 47!"

47 of what? Let us know...

((The number 47 was often used in numerical references throughout the various Star Trek series and movies as an Easter egg of sorts. Reference to the number 47 can also be found throughout STO.))
This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
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What do u mean? I dont get it
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nvm I found out I didn't read it correctly
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Location: [Classified], Dominion War period Stardate [Classified]...

"how many in the encampment?" their Starfleet liason was a nervous kid named Arguello who'd probably just gotten out of MACO training. Saul rechecked with the binoculars.

"Looks like...maybe half a company, I'm counting around forty seven-Drake?" he mumbled.

"I'd say forty three, but I've got a couple structures blocking my view, 'Rico?" Drake Tran had been a full Commander before he left Starfleet for the Maquis two years ago.

A lot can happen in only a couple years.

"I have forty-five, based on how many of those funky toilet-things the Breen use." Enrico Montoya said, "They sure as hell don't have 'em out here for the POW' you see our objective down there, sir?"

"Negative on objective primary-if they have him, they're keeping him inside." Tran said.

"It ain't Gallitep." Enrico said, "no civilians present."

"what does he mean no civilians?" Arguello asked.

"Montoya's funny-when he says civilians, he's pretty specific-means no kids or pregnant women." Tran explained, "You know, people who give you nightmares when they get caught in a cross-fire."

"you're all insane..." Lt. Arguello whispered.

"Yeah? you're the nut who volunteered to come along on this one." Saul commented, "Can the chatter guys, they're sending out a patrol."

The objective primary came out of one of the buildings, and strode over to confer with some guards.

"Primary." Tran said.

"On the way." Montoya hissed.

Enrico placed the crosshairs over the traitor's forehead, and squeezed gently on the trigger.

"We're made." He said laconically as Vice Admiral Geog Rogachev's head grew a third eye courtesy of a hypersonic titanium bullet. "Bug out boogie, don't forget the party favours."

"MY GOD YOU JUST MURDERED THAT MAN!!" Lt. Arguello shouted, horrified.

"Did he look like a ****ing prisoner to you?" Saul Moskowitz demanded, then knocked the young Starfleet officer unconscious, scooped up his body, and started sprinting down the hill.

"Primary objective is fail, secondary objective is completed, get us the **** out of here!" Tran ordered over the communicators.

In a hidden location, 'Angela', a Cardassian orphan who'd joined the Maquis cell for food six years ago, fired up the shuttle's engines and powered the transporters. "Alexi, get a lock on them!" she barked.

Alexi Gennault jumped to obey her-in spite of his long rants about the filthy, stinking, evil that he saw all 'Cardies', including the team's 'pet Cardie traitor'. "Lock!" he announced.

"Great, let's boogie!" the shuttle-a Ferengi model purchased from a disreputable dealer, lurched hard into the skies, as the hit-team materialized.

"What happened to the greenie?" Angela asked.

"He saw forty-seven Breen and passed out." Saul Moskowitz cracked, "our primary objective's gone over to the other side, we trigged secondary. I think our intel contacts are going to be pissed."

"Not as pissed as they'd be if 'rico here let the bastard tell them everything..." Tran slapped Enrico Montoya on the shoulder.

"Right." Enrico said. "What do we do about greenhorn here?"

"I know just how to fix that." Sovak, the team's medic, said, and began a mind-meld.

"what're you doing?" Enrico asked.

"He's going to remember taking the shot-he won't be nearly as much of a problem if he sees himself as the executioner of that defector."

"For a vulcan, you are a sick, sick man, Sovak"
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

A Festival of Blood and Fire!

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The Forty Seven Steps

Romulus, 2374

Captain Marcus Kane sprinted down the steps of the senate building, his long-legged strides taking them four, five, six at a time. Disruptor beams hissed out of the foyer behind him as the guards tried to bring him down, but his speed and motion kept him just out of their aim as he continued his frantic dash for the causeway.

I hope Paige got out okay... he thought, jumping down the final flight of stairs.

The last he had seen of the Photonic operative, she had increased the thermal output of her holomatrix, causing the archive to burst into flames.

A disruptor beam clipped Kane's right shoulder, throwing him forward and off balance. Fortunately it was not set to kill, and rolling to maintain his momentum, he came smoothly to his feet and continued his sprint, ignoring the tingling sensation which radiated from his shoulder to his fingers as the damaged nerves regenerated themselves.

An aficionado of parkour, Kane's eyes constantly scanned the terrain ahead, for possibilities and options, when he saw the troops approaching from the other end of the causeway, blocking his planned escape route into the capital.

"Move! Get out of the way!" he yelled in Romulan, as he darted through the crowds of people wandering across the causeway. Of course, they responded as he had anticipated -- freezing on the spot, and looking in the direction of the shout, saw a bearded Human in heavy-duty light blue pants and a black synthleather jacket racing towards them. But it was enough of a pause in the pedestrian flow, that Kane could see another option. Still sprinting as hard as he could, he veered towards the edge of the causeway, ignoring the lactic burn in his lungs and thighs as he pushed himself over the edge of normal Human endurance.

A running leap brought his foot down on the concrete bench, giving him height and leverage, another put his foot on the upright back of the bench, and the next jump put him on the wall of the causeway. Without hesitation, he dived forwards, plummeting headfirst towards the green waters of the harbour fifty feet below.

He broke the surface in a clean dive, continuing to swim deeper down with powerful strokes. Disruptor beams continued to seek him out, molecular excitation causing the water to boil around the needle-like green beams.

Reaching into the pocket of his jeans, Kane's fingers closed round the delta-shape of his comm badge, and he squeezed it three times in quick succession, almost immediately feeling the shiver of a transporter beam run through him.


"Captain, are you alright?" Paige demanded, as Kane coughed up water and pulled himself into a sitting position on the transporter pad, several litres of water sluicing onto the deck.

Clearing his lungs as they made the transition from liquid to atmospheric respiration, Kane nodded.

"I'm fine," he assured the photonic active intelligence gathering engram as she helped him to his feet. "Take the helm and get us out of here, I need to transmit this information ahead of us." incase we don't make it... he had not needed to add.

Crossing to the ops console, he pulled his tricorder from inside his jacket, and synched it to the mainframe of the runabout Tigris. A moment later, the information had been uploaded, compressed and encrypted, then sent in a burst transmission toward the USS Endeavour, which was holding place on the very edge of the neutral zone.

"We've cleared orbit, coming up on Remus now," Paige reported from the helm. "Sensors are reading two D'deridex class warbirds, and four T'liss class cruisers ahead. Should I ready weapons?"

"Negative," Kane insisted. "Maintain your course, I'm bringing the deflector modifications online, which should scatter their sensors. I don't want to fire unless we have to."

"Aye, Captain," Paige acknowledged, plotting a course which would take the runabout between the two massive warbirds, ensuring that any hostile fire would present as much risk to their companion vessels, as the Federation ship.

The warbirds loomed on the viewport as the Tigris drew closer, and Kane's hand hovered over the tactical systems control, ready to bring them online immediately that they be fired upon.

Time seemed to stretch into eternity, as the runabout glided past the Romulan ships, before heading for the neutral zone and jumping to warp once clear of their sensor range.

Releasing the breath he had unconsciously been holding, Kane looked over to Paige.

"Mission successful," he announced, relaxing back into the chair and watching the stars streak towards them.

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USS Sarantities, Wells Class Temporal Science ship

"What the HELL Happened?"

Lt Leah Stone tried not to fidget, but while standing at atttention wasn't hard...keeping her tail still on the other hand was. She'd never seen the Captain so angry, of course he had a reason to be. the list of temporal violations that had been comitted in the last fifteen minutes were longer than she was tall. Still..she was the one that pushed the button "Sir, it was my fault-"

"no it wasn't! Captain, she was being McFly'd, that is what triggered the Red Alert-the automatic safeguards."

"Velma, confirm?" Captain Dodson asked the ships AI, seeming to calm some, though the short bald human always seemed to be agitated even when he was asleep. Of course, commanding a time ship on a deep survielance mission hundreds of years in the past did tend to keep one's nerves going.

"Confirmed. Lt Stone was being erased from the timeline, when I engaged automatic safeguards under Temporal Directive 287.6."

"damn, at ease Lt. " he said.

"Sir, I thought I did hit the button"

The holographic AI, who for some absurd reason today was using an avatar that looked like a humanoid Koala shook her head "no, you were .000027 seconds too slow. So Lt Stone is blameless captain."

Ira Dodson nodded "very will someone please tell me WHAT happened?

400 something years earlier, USS Agamemnon

It was bad. Very bad. Rhonda Evans listened to the panicked chatter on the other side of the border, something nasty was hitting the colony just across the border from them, the screams over the com had been the most unnerving of all. Klingons didn't scream like that. true, they were civilians but still.. "any response?

"It's faint...but I'm getting something from the IKS Shy'Joq..boosting the gain." she blinked "it's a distress beacon. I didn't know Klink ships had them."

Her tac officer, a Denali colonist named Sachen drooped her ears "they do, but it's different. it's not so much a call for help..but a warning and a call for vengance." she punched a couple more settings on the console "there we go, on screen Captain.

Rhonda thought for a second that she was seeing a red colored Ferasan-then realized it was blood the KDF captain was covered in. one ear was mostly missing, and it looked like she may lose an eye as well. "-massive Fek'Ihri attack on both the planet surface and in space. The Governor has ordered a civilian evacuation. We have taken damage, weapons and drive are out, and are still dealing with boarders."

Seeing the look in her eye, her Andorian first officer spoke up "Captain, under Current regulations we have to get approval from at least one flag officer, plus fleet legal and Federation State Ministry before offering assistance."

"Noted. Besides, whats the worst they can do, fire me?" she nodded to the com tech who opened a hailing frequency "this is the USS Agamemnon, Rhonda Evans commanding. What do you need us to do?"

she could see on the screen the doubt, and indecision on the Feresan's face. It was bad enough there was a battle on that they could not take part in...worse shame still was to have to be rescued. But in the end, the Empire's military was known as the Klingon Defense force...and there were elders and children in danger of being food for the Fek, a fate no soldier of the Empire wished on their worst enemy.

"Agamemnon, General Kaikala of the Shy'joq. Do not worry about us, we will defeat the boarders and repair as quickly as possible. But there are 47 transports with kit's and elders attempting to flee the system. Protect them!"

As soon as the words were spoken, the Agamemnon shot across the border, the Galaxy dreadnaught's quantum slipstream drive cutting the time to the colony down to a few minutes. As they dropped out of warp they saw the Shy'joq, one of the KDF's Vo'quv least it was at one time. there were close to a dozen wrecked and shattered Fek'Ihri ships about it, one had bodily rammed the Vo'quv, the carrier itself on fire. It was a testament to the tenacity of her crew that they had not fallen. Ahead, they could see the transports breaking atmo, trying to get high enough to go to warp, and around them...from a distance it looked like a cloud of angry bees. Fek fighters and small craft, trying to get to the helpless civilians.

"Mr Sachen. Get their attention."

For the first time, the Agamemnon's Phaser spinal lance was fired in anger. The beam, half a kilometer wide by the time it reached the Fek'Ihri frigate, overwhelmed the shields..punching a nice round hole through the ship, before it detonated, taking several of the fighters with it. almost as one the remaining ships ceased their attacks on the transports, and closed on the federation ship.

"I think we got their attention Captain..."

USS Sarantites

"I think that was a mistake."

Captain Dodson stopped the playback from the surveilance file, and looked at the Ensign who spoke up. He had been an instructor in the Academy before his current post, and encouraged his officers, especially the junior ones to ask questions and make comments "why is that Ensign Thomas?"

"If i remember correctly, both the Vo'quv and the Galaxy vessels , while formidable, were extremely vulnearable to attack from smaller, more agile vessels. The Vo'quv was reliant on it's fighter wing, and the Galaxy class never went into combat alone if it could help it when vastly outnumbered."

"correct Ensign. While a ship like the Agamemnon could handle several captial ships, a swarm of fighters without escort of their own could prove disaterous..."

USS Agamemnon

They were holding, but just barely. Three more Fek frigates had joined the first one in a cloud of sub atomic particles, and there were only five transports left to jump to warp. Question is would they be around to see it. Desipte rotating the shield frequencies, the Fek'ihri managed to swarm the hull, claws ripping through the alloy untill her new Chief Engineer, a shaven headed dark skinned human from Alpha Cent named Danny Putty re routed power from the engines to the hull. There were charred fek corpses clinging to it...and inside. The shields could not take the pounding from the antiproton cannons, causing the shield realays on deck 17 to explode with enough force to breach the hull. There were sparkling beams of light appearing through the ship as Fek'Ihri beamed aboard.

Sachen diddn't even pause in her firing the few remaining working weapons at the attackers from outside, drawing a phaser with her free hand and firing at the...thing. it looked Klingon, female-if you gave it teeth from a worg and diddn't bother to dress it. It shrieked as it disintrigated, one least fourty seven of them on the bridge it seemed, the females, small...things..and even bigger things. Something knocked her out of the chair, dozens of small clawed hands grabbing at her, ripping through the uniform and skin. There were screams elsewhere on the bridge, from out of the corner of her eyes she could see one of the larger ones biting Ensign Sauer's arm off, slick blood gushing out across the deck plating. There was another scream from
the helmsman, then thundering crashes, over and over, as she fought to get to her feet. She kicked hard, breaking the neck of one of the hordelings, then lashed out with her own claws, the long knives she kept tucked inside her uniform sleeves.

She managed to get up on the console, half the panels now dark as the Fek'ihir were hitting engineering too from the shouting and weapons fire coming over the com. She saw the Captain, Rhonda was standing on her chair, still using that antique type 2 phaser she had picked up somewhere- fortuantely it's output was far increased to what it was when it was produced, cutting down hordelings as fast as she could draw a bead, in the other hand the even more ancient Sig P226 that her father gave her. The two large ones however were..what the hell? They were vomiting on the cieling.

"oh Greatmother" she was acid, eating through the hull. The Fek could probably survive if they vaccumed the bridge, the crew on the other hand..She shouted to the two MACOS by the turbolift, who were busy firing as fast as they could "Vasquez! Michaels! Get the Captain out of here!"

Rhonda shouted something in protest, but it went unheard in the firing and screams of the invaders. Sachen felt a sudden pain in her side and brought the blade down-too late, the fangs of the female Fek sunk deep into her side. The battle knife severed the head, but she could feel muscles tensing up, some kind of paraylitic posion...She saw Rhonda screaming something as Vasquez bodily picked up the Captain and tossed her into the turbolift, Michaels falling to another of the ravagers as the lift closed. Two more were coming towards her, the hull above begining to groan from the acid weakening it.

She dropped her hand diddn't work anyway now, and the other, well only needed one hand for that. As the Ravagers and hordelings closed inon her, she thumbed the contact detonator on the photon gernade and smiled at the Ravager "Fire in the hole."

It was a nightmare. she'd lost friends before, both as a hero , and in the fleet, but this. She was half torn by grief and fury as the MACO threw her into the lift.. Seconds later the entire ship shook, the turbolift dropping several decks then being pulled back up by the suction of air from the breached hull before the emergency forcefields snapped into place "are you allright Captain?" Vasquez asked, blood running down his face as he slumped back against the wall of the lift.

"I been better "she said, damnit she diddn't have a tricorder with her, and the nearest aid kit was back on what was left of the bridge. He did not look good at all..his breath starting to wheeze " out for the females Captain...their bite...." there was a rasp as his breathing stopped, the posion spreading through his body.

"NOOO! Damnit!" there was nothing in the lift, all she could do is roll him onto his back and start CPR untill the lift started down again, back to the Battle bridge. It was empty. It shouldn't have been, especially under battle stations-no, there was a body behind the there had to be something-"


She whirled, it was one of the females. She went for her phaser, bringing it to bear at the same time it's fangs sunk deep into her left hand. She fired repeatedly untill it had fallen to the deck with a meaty thud...too late though. She could allready feel the numbness spreading in her hand. There were only seconds.. where was it..there. She broke open the damage control locker, hard to manipulate with one hand. It was starting to spread above her wrist, as she laid her left arm on the console..then closing her eyes, swung the emergency axe towards her left arm. She screamed and almost blacked out...fortunately she was able to grab the emergency cauterizer, and after two attempts that charred the bloody deck, sealed the wound. She fumbled with the hyprospray, dosing her with stimmies and painkillers..then sprayed the end of the stump with synthskin to reduce the chance of infection..not that she thought she'd live long enough to worry about that.

She sat down, wiping the blood off the console and activating the security force fields "all departments, damage report."

"engineering, we drove them back but there's some things that were chewing on the eps conduits. Not sure how long we'll keep the lights on without repairs. no warp, have impulse, no weapons.

"Sickbay...we're swamped here Sir, we had to use emergency forecefields to keep them out, but we can't get more paitents in."

The list went on and on...they could clear the ship shortly, but in the mean time they were out of the fight, and there still were others out there. or were there? Sensors were damaged, hard to tell. Com was still up

"Shy'joq, Agamemnon. Hope you're in better shape than we are."

IKS Shy'joq

General Kaikala took no joy in the misfortunes of the starfleeters. There were still five transports left, and with the Dreadnaught disabled, the Fek ships were turning back for the targets full of more..tender prey. "our weapons are back, but they are out of our range. Drive is still offline."

USS Agamemnon

Rhonda managed to get bio sensors working, she could tell where the Fek ships well as the five remaining transports-the bio signs on them mostly children.."not today" she muttered. "Shy'joq-you take care of my people. I'll take care of the Fek'Ihr." She took a deep breath, before issuing a command she hoped she would never have to use

"Attention all hands-abandon ship. Repeat, abandon ship" she said, before turning to the computer "destruct sequence-set for one kilometer from enemy ship."

"Paramater set-authorization code required."

"one. Eight. Zero .Zero. Foxtrot. Uniform. Bravo. Alpha. Romeo."

There was a far too cheerful beep from the computer "Destruct Authorized."

"plot intercept course."

"Unable to comply-automated systems offline."

She just shook her head "of course it is. New command, manual control, my station."


IKS Shy'joq

The transporters were at least working, once the escape pods from the Federation ship got within range. The pods were being brought whole into the hangar decks..with no fighters at the moment they weren't much good for anything else.

"Well General, if nothing else, we'll have a fine cargo of slaves to sell at-aacck!"

Her weapons officer was cut off in mid word, as her arm shot out. clutching the Orion by the neck, her claws digging into his jade skin "those people fought the Empires ancient enemies..with no thought for themselves. They bled and died for our familiess. They will be treated properly, and returned to their own people, AM I CLEAR?"

He just gurgled, blood leaking down the front of his chest untill she released him, turning back to her second, now first officer "status on the last transports?"

"They're fourty seven kelikams from the Fek, the Federation ship is closing with them..." she tilted her head, listening to the com in her ear "I'm getting a signal, audio.

"lets hear it."

USS Agamemnon

Deja'vu, is what it was. It was a simiar situation, many many years ago. She and the others in her team were defending a middle school near Atlas Park, when one of the summoned demons landed. She was only fourteen, had almost wet herself she was so scared, then Kelly was there. Barely a meter and a half high, could bench press a locomotive...loved music and hated fighting. Still she did it, because others would be hurt if she diddn't. She had landed, gave Rhonda a reassuring hug, then stepped out, polished hooves clippping on the rubble as she hit play on her iPod, then flew into the fray, singing along with the music, even though she knew she would most likely die.

Rhonda diddn't have hers, it was on what was left of the bridge but she remembered the lyrics perfectly. The crippled cruiser groaned and shuddered, systems failing, the impulse engines giving just enough speed, as she hit the transmit switch, and began to sing.

"I see a dark sail, on the horizon.
set under a black cloud that hides the sun.

Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding.
Bring me my cross of gold as a talisman.

Get up to the roundhouse on the cliff-top standing.
Take women and children and bed them down.

Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding.
Bring me my cross of gold as a talisman."

There was a streak of light, then another, and three more. The last transports were away. The Fek'ihr shrieked in fury at losing their prey, but there were still two other ships they could finish off...first the Federation interloper, then the Klingons.

She saw them change to intercept, the destruct was set to proximity. She closed her eyes, and kept singing

"Bless with a hard heart those who surround me.
Bless the women and children who firm our hands.
Put our backs to the north wind. Hold fast by the river.
Sweet memories to drive us on for the motherland"

As the lead Frigate closed within one kilometer, the interlocks keeping the matter and antimatter seperate opened. She felt the bright light and a familar tingle..then nothing.

USS Sarantities, 29th century

"and that's when Velma triggered the McFly protocol."

Ira sighed tiredly, running his hand over his face "we have to send her back" he said, looking through the window of the isolation ward of Sickbay, then back at the projection of the council on the wall screen. "she's three weeks pregnant, and we know what her son will do. That has to happen. But to where? and how would we cover it? she wasn't in transporter range of the Klingons."

"maybe say there was another cloaked Klingon ship?"

Lt Stone shook her head "the Klingons of the time were just as honorable as they are now. there is no way if a ship was there under cloak, it would have sat out the battle."

"we could always blame Q, we know he likes her." said a female Caitian council member.

"oh sure, blame ME." Q was sitting next to her "Schrodinger, do you want me to turn you into a house cat again?"

The Caitian just smiled "oh would you? it's so relaxing, all I'd have to do is lay around and sleep all day."

Q just rolled his eyes, the things he had to put up with for the safety of the multiverse. "fine, I'll be your villian. Should I twirl my moustache too?"

Leah spoke up "Sirs, Govenors, Q, I think we're overthinking it."

One of the humans on the screen, a rugged looking red headed human, stroked his chin as she continued "she allready is familar with temporal travel...and the historical record does list her next command as a Wells class recovered from the Tholians."

Admiral Bronson pondered that "we do have one that was recently recovered from them. Velma" he said, adressing the AI "could you twin yourself into that ship, but leave out any memories of dates past her current local time?"

"it would take about eight point seven hours Admiral, but yes, I would be willing to. that would also give time for repairs to the recovered ship"

"it's not a perfect plan, but good enough." said the Admiral "do it."

Sickbay, USS Sarantities

Waking up was the last thing Rhonda expected. That and being naked. The latter she could handle, the first..She sat up and gasped as memories came flooding back, her hands going to her head...wait, hands? She looked close, her left hand was there, with no scarring..which meant she was dead. no wait..there was no scar, but there was a visible line around her forearm, where the fur was shorter than the rest of her arm. as if it hadn't grown as much. Cloned replacments? She knew scientists were working on that, but that was about fifty years away from being ready. As she swing her feet to the floor of the all white room she could feel vibrations in the floor, no, the deck. This was a ship.

"where am I" she asked as she looked around, an answer was the last thing she expected.

"you are aboard the USS Sarantities, current date is July 26, 2847."

The owner of the voice stepped out of a door that had opened in the wall. She was wearing what could be a starfleet uniform..and looked just like she did. or close anyway, Rhonda diddn't have a white stripe down her nose, or a tail either "I thought that the temporal prime directive prevented contact, unless you're keeping me here.."

Leah just shook her head "not when there's a pre destination paradox involved. If we don't send you grandfather and his siblings never get born."

Rhonda was both stunned and confused "Why the hell are you telling me that?"

"Because what happened wasn't supposed to happen. The Klingon ship was sabotaged from the inside. They don't know that yet, and we don't know who did it."

"so my people, and the civilians who diddn't make it to the transports, died for nothing?"

"no.."leah said, looking down. "they still would have died-but your ship wouldn't have been destroyed. what was supposed to have happened, is the IKS Shy'joq would have gotten it's engines back as well, and the two ships destroyed the last of the Fek'Ihir. That would have made a serious impression on one of the chidren on the last ship out-who will grow up to be the Chancellor that makes a permanent peace. Fortunately, the events played out in a way despite the sabotage that should still have that result."

Rhonda calmed for a moment, thinking "you know, it diddn't make sense. The Klingons were crippled..but instead of finishing them off, they went after the transports. Then we showed up, as soon as we were out of the fight their ships peeled off again for the transports again."

Leah nodded "we would have saved everyone if we could. But we could only do what we could do."

She recognized the saying...something she said more than once "that ain't fair, using my own words against me."

"well they're good words, and it's true."

Sighing, Rhonda sat back down on the bed "so how many did I lose?"

" one hundred and fourty seven, but they took out over three that number of fek. Their attempt at a 'human wave' backfired, they were so packed in they couldn't fight with the mobility they were used to having in tight quarters."

"it wasn't a picnic for us ah the only one that made it off the bridge?"

The other woman nodded sadly.

She felt her eyes watering up 'damnit, not gonna cry' she muttered, too late.

Leah diddn't know what else to do. she stepped forward, letting her great great grandmother cry on her shoulder.

A while later, she had regained her composure. Leah had gotten her something that looked like her old uniform out of a compartment on the wall, the white door hard to see in the white room. She led Rhonda through the ship, chattering on as they entered a conference room. "Before your kids no one thought Caitians could interbreed with anyone, of course your mephit mutated dna helped. one even became a religious figure, my great uncle Samuel was the one who finally sealed the rift between Caitians and Fereseans-"

Rhonda was torn between amusement and concern "should you be telling me any of this?"

"she's telling you because we're trying to recruit you" She looked over, the man looked human, bald, and a bit nervous, but the smile was genuine enough. "Ira Dodson, Captain of the USS Sarantities." he said, holding out a hand.

She shook it and sat down in the offered seat "Rhonda Evans. You know that I'm bound by the Temporal Prime Directive."

"which also requires you to maintain the timeline and prevent history from being altered-which someone is already doing."


"Besides, it's not the first time you've dealt with past timelines..the Menders of Ouroboros for example."

"how the HELL do you know about that!"

"you're not the only refugee from your dead timeline that we've run into. Look, we're not asking you to be an agent or anything. Just keep your eyes open. your ship's AI will be able to contact us if you find something."

"my ships what?"

He touched a control on the table in front of him, part of the wall changed to a display "Wells class Temporal Science ship. There are several of them all ready in your timeline that have been stolen by Tholians, then recovered by Starfleet in your time and used."

She nodded "I've seen a couple of them around...though how will I explain showing up from the dead in a ship from the future?"

"Temporal investigations works with us" Ira grinned. "how else do you think they keep things straight?"

"why am I not suprised."

Starbase 147 operations, present day

Ironicly the closest refuge for the displaced civilians was the Federation outpost a dozen light years on the other side of the border. One of the hazards of being a colony on the rim, sometimes the closest help isn't your own. They let the transports use the main hangar bays, as well as letting the Shy'joq dock outside the station for repairs, after all there was technically a cease fire and they did have several hundred survivors from the Agamemnon to off load. General Kaikala did her best not to show her fangs too much to the human commanding the base. As much as she loathed admitting it, they needed his help to get the refugees to safety, and to get her ship repaired enough to protect them.

"I've got our engineers working fabricating the parts you need for your main drive General, should have you back operational by the time we get the transports duterium topped off."

She nodded a curt thanks. She normally diddn't care too much for humans, weak, sentimental-yet when there was something to be done, they were industrious to a fault, and when there was no way out but death, they could sing in its face while bringing ruin upon the enemy. "what of your defenses Commander? Something has stired the Fek up badly."

"someone definetly poked a hornest's nest with a stick somewhere." Commander Quinten said in agreement "The USS Kodiak is due in seven hours, two more ships an hour after that."

"we should be done with our repairs and refuling in four hours. If you do not mind, we will wait for them to arrive before departing."

He looked a bit relieved "thank you General, we're a scientific research station. We're not equipped to fight off hardly anything to be honest."

She just nodded, she knew that . it's one of the reasons why she cancled an attack on this outpost before the cease fire. Warriors should fight warriors, they gain no honor fighting scientists studying Quasars.

One of the ops officers stiffened, and turned, shouting "Incoming unknown ship signature!"

Both Kala and Quinten ran over to look at the screen, her good ear flattening back against her skull "Fek...a Kar'Fi carrier." her ship was offline for repairs, she had no fighters, the station had no weapons to speak was looking to be a good day to die after all.

"they're hailing us."

Quinten knew the situation as much as she did. He squared his shoulders "on screen."

it looked sort of like a Klingon..if they had greyish purple skin, and teeth, lots of needle sharp teeth . It seemed to laugh, before speaking "today, your future dies..."

"Sir, we're getting a large chroniton signature!"

"from the carrier?"

"No sir! From behind it!"

they cut the transmission from the Fek'Ihir, who looked as surprised as they were. There was a flash, something coming into the system, before the bow of the bogey erupted in a spread of Chroniton torpedos and antiproton beams. The beams burned through the Kar'Fi's shields, torpedos impacting the hull. within seconds the Fek ship was an expanding cloud of sub atomic particles, the unknown ship doing a barrel roll through the expanding cloud.

USS Heinlein

Rhonda muttered as the starfield outside spun "showoff."

There was a giggle, the AI in her new positronic interface unit sitting at the helm "Just have to make sure evrerything works Captain. and you still need to name me."

"why me?"

"tradition mainly. It's considered bad luck to pick our own names." she said, well sounded like a she anyway, it looked almost totaly featurless still.

"well, the ship is named the about Gay?"

"as in Deciever?"

Rhonda just chuckled "we'll leave that part out. Contact Velma, let her know we made it back ok, then hail the station."

"message sent, on screen Captain." Gay had shifted, looking like a red headed human ensign in her early 20s. On the screen, the commander and general looked back stunned. Rhonda just grinned sheepishly "Sorry ah'm late."

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