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For the first installment, see:

Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer for engineer

I've been tinkering some more with my Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer, resulting in a new build:

Liandra 2

It all started when I wanted to replace my 1x purple Mk Xii Neutronium with a Plasmonic Leech. Having no resists at all at the time, I considered it a bit of a LOL-fit, and sought to find resists elsewhere. Normally I wouldn't bother anyone with my new build, but I've rather successfully incorporated an ability that's not normally considered as 'hot' as the usual stuff, like Directed Energy Modulation, or Aux2Sif, etc. And that ability is Auxiliary to Dampeners (also called "Auxiliary Power to the Inertial Dampeners"). And I briely like to extol its virtue, if I may.

Many there be that pretty much ignore Auxiliary to Dampeners, because A) they have no points in it to begin with, and B) figure "Eh, If I ever get a tractor beam on me, I'll just use Polarize Hull." Yet, even Auxiliary to Dampeners 1 gives +39.8 Kinetic Damage resistance for 23 secs. Wiki says so too. What the wiki does not mention, however, is the existence of an extremely powerful new Matter-Antimatter boff. She's called Sha-Voran; next to extending Auxiliary to Dampeners by 8 secs, she also adds a whopping +40% All Energy dmg resistance to Auxiliary to Dampeners! (Sic!) Yeah, that's right: your 'boring' Auxiliary to Dampeners ability suddenly turned into a wicked 'Active Super Neutronium!'

It gets even better. :P I said 'Super Neutronium' for good reason, as the 8 secs she extends to the duration of Auxiliary to Dampeners (which only has a 10 sec CD with itself, to start with) makes the resists stack for a good while!

So, was I successful, you ask? You bet! Activating my first copy of Auxiliary to Dampeners 1, my resists, all across the board, immediately jumped to 37.3%!* That's already more than 2x Blue Mk XII Neutroniums! Then, after 10 secs, upon activating second copy, suddenly I'm looking at 48.8%* (Sic!) resists, all across the board again! This lasts for the overlap time (and I'm sure Sha-Voran fits in there somewhere, too).

So, instead of having no resists at all, I'm suddenly having more resists than 3x Neutroniums! I achieved this by making some very simple modifications to my earlier loadout. I used to have:

EPtS1, EPtW2
EPtS1, EPtW2

And changed that to:

EPtW1, A2D1
EPtS1, A2D1

What you lose is the 13.3% all Energy Damage of EPtW2 vs. the 10% of EPtW1. And you'll need at least 2 Damage Control Engineers to cycle comfortably between EPtW1/EPtS1. Other than that, you'll gain incredible survivability! (Can't DPS if you're dead) And I mean incredible! First took it into Federation Fleet Alert, fighting Nausicans and Borg. Didn't break a sweat! Then I even took this build into Starbase 24! Didn't die once! :) And got 2nd place (well, this is more of an alpha-strike buid, really). In fact, I tell you, my alleged uebertank Fleet Exclesior often has a harder time staying alive -- and that's with RSP!

So, why not 2x EPtS1, you ask? Well, EPtW1 gives the extra 10% Energy damage, so we definitely want that. Also keep in mind that cycling your abilities works somewhat different when cloaked. For one, simply because the EPtS abilities stay grey-out: meaning you will *always* start your alpha-strike decloak sequence with EPtW buffed! So, that is why keeping EPtW is a must.

(Although cycling powers is probably more the domain of another topic, since you start with EPtW1, let it follow by TS1, and not FBP2; that way you sustain your shields a bit extra when doing EPtW, and you'll bring on the extra hurt with FBP2 when EPtS' turn is up.)

P.S. I also swapped out the Stealth module for an Embassy [Pla] Flow Capacitor (I didn't realize I was already getting +600 Stealth from my Rom boffs, making that +31.9 stealth from the console a bit superfluous, LOL). Besides, Plasmonic Leech, which started all this, simply needs it. And since Auxiliary to Dampeners is affected by, duh, Auxiliary Performance, guess we'll kill two birds with one stone with the Plasmonic Leech.

P.P.S. Unlike Auxiliary to Battery, Auxiliary to Dampeners does NOT flatline your aux levels! In fact, far as I can tell, aux power levels are not affected at all.

P.P.P.S. Oh yeah, lest I forget, Auxiliary to Dampeners also gives you +144.8% Turn Rate strength, +72.3% Flight Speed strength, immunity to repel/disable, and +39.8% able/alive crew resitance! So, you effectively get a bit of what Attack Pattern Omega promised too, but never delivered, on top of everthing else!

The tl;dr of it all: Resistance is NOT futile!

* Kinetic resist is usually 1% or so lower than the rest.

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