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my father's, brother's, nephew's, cousin's, former-room mate lost their arm in a duel, which makes gaming for them quite difficult by conventionable means. We have been compiling Autohotkey scripts so they can play the game without as much interface demands, much in the same way you can make a gaming keyboard execute batch commands with in a cycle, or have a gaming mouse toggle autofire. we then incoorporate these binds that begin in the windows drivers into the game's own robust keybind system, and they can play now.

There has been some concern in the game that he isnt allowed to play this way, that it is wrong, or immoral. Should he just quit playing video games entirley, or is it fine to use Autohotkey to assist them so they can enjoy the game and contribute to its financial success. - It doesent manipulate the game files in any way, it merely makes human interface less demanding.

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