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08-01-2013, 08:29 AM
Here's some more reviews. My own story is coming along very very slowly-- while I have a clear idea of what it is that I want to write, real life keeps butting in. I'll try to get it written by the end of the week. In the meantime, some more reviews:

Gulberat: Huzzah, we finally get to meet Berat! Very well-written exchange between him and Alyosha, and I appreciate the fact that you were careful to tie in some of your earlier stories as well (Gul Tassok's daughter in particular). Post-Dominion Cardassia always intrigued me as a concept, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who saw the in-game parallels between Cardassia and the Romulans (re: both still recovering from a major disaster, and getting embroiled in a civil war).

Well done. Your story actually has me wishing for a Cardassian faction sometime in the future...

danquellier: At last, we get to see things from your commander's perspective, and this story didn't disappoint. I really liked the fact that you included an apparition of Commander Keras in the story-- I always liked him and the ideals he represented over the sneaky,duplicitious Romulans of TNG. I was able to vividly imagine the whole conversation between him and your commander. I was also intrigued by all of the details you went into on Romulan culture and beliefs. Were these creations of yours, or did the come from some of the Trek novels?

Excellent as always. Please write more.

jonsills: I'm going to have to reiterate what everyone else said, in that I really liked Mycroft (although for some reason I imagined him sounding a lot like Wheatley from Portal 2...I don't know why). Otherwise, you wrote the encounter with the Elachi very well-- the revelation at the end was suitably horrific. Well done.

patchouli9: A very nice introduction to the Aviator and her crew! The conversation at the beginning built tension very nicely, and the entire story was a very tense calm before the storm. I'm also intrigued by your depiction of the Intergalactic Concordium, and I look forward to seeing you examine them further.

cmdrscarlet: Brilliant move by Kathryn there! When caught between a rock and a hard place, she simply uses the rock as a weapon. Very nice depiction of the scene through the Nausicaans' eyes, up until the the final "oh crap" moment at the end.

As an aside, who are people's favourite characters per writer, so far? The nominations for me are:

sander233: Frank Grimes, Intergalactic Man of Mystery. Oh, and General Ssharki.

gulberat: Alyosha Strannik. Everything written from his perspective comes out written extremely well.

marcusdkane: Some of your peripheral characters, like Claire and S'r'ss, used to be the most enjoyable, but I will admit that Amanda Palmer has really grown on me in recent stories.

jonsills: Grunt. The most competent...and unluckiest(?) Ferengi in Starfleet.

patrickngo: Enrico Montoya, the one character who continues to be badass long after his death.

shevet: Tylha Shohl, though Amiga and Kophil are also fun.

cmdrscarlet: Kathryn Beringer, by far.

danquelier: The Nameless Commander, though honourable nods also go to Rycho and Xa'Jev.

superhombre: Ch'Raul, though I also like T'Panna and, to a lesser extent, Yair. In general, I like the fact that most of your characters are so deeply flawed.

flamesight: Dylen! She is just so wonderfully evil.

(Note that I apologize to anyone else who didn't appear on the list, I was simply going with the characters who immediately popped to mind).

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