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# 1 Mirror Exploration Cruiser
08-02-2013, 09:19 AM
First things first:
I want to highlight Dontdrunkimshoots enhanced exploration cruiser retrofit 3 pack.
I cannot stress enough how good this is.

So devs if you are looking for the BEST way to rework the GCS then just release Dontdrunkimshoots proposed 3 Pack!

Everything else is just a compromise!

The problem:
COMPARED to all other crusiers (even Starfleet cruisers) the Galaxy class just got the short end of the stick.
Cryptic intentionally made it the enigneering heaviest ship in the game, knowing that Engineering will have the most passive (and boring) BOFF powers of all career branches.
And if that's not enough they gave that ship 3 science and only 2 tactical console slots (?), althrough it only got a Lt. Science BOFF slot.

All other ships can either tank better or be more offensive, because having 3 (!) ensign Engineering slots doesn't make sense since the CD of most Engineering ensign powers interfere with each other. If that's not enough, being so engineering heavy makes that ship extremely passive, even science ships have more means to become active in combat.

Having the least offensive potential of all cruisers in the game you can just hope to outheal your enemy, other ships can do that even better, if they have more Science BOFF slots. Even a T5 assault crusier can tank better since it has a slight?y higher turn rate and so has a higher chance to get an undamaged sield towards the enemy.
So in my opinion the T5 Galaxy has only drawbacks to offer, compare to all other ships in the game, and for a fan of that ship it is a real gamebreaker to fly it, because it just lack on all ends.

The Sollution:
I would like to have a C-Store service (you may call it Mirror Galaxy Class or Galaxy Class Battleship) to permanently change the appearance of the (Fleet) Assault Cruiser retfit (regent or fleet regent) into a Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (Galaxy Class).

I think 500-1000 Zen would be sufficient since in order to use that service the player also has to posess both ships which are also have be bought from the C-Store.

Once that service is bought, the player gets a special (universal) console to install on the Regent.
Once Activated (right click and "use") that console changes the ship into a Galaxy Class having just the BOFF/Console Layout of the Regent.
All availlable Galaxy Class ship parts (like monarch or Venture class for example) of the players account get unlocked too, of course.

So compared to the "real" Regent that ship has following stats different:
Crew 1000
Turn Rate 6
Inertia Rating 25

So except for Crew the changed ship has slightly worse stats.
I am sure many Galaxy Class fans would be ok with that in order to fly a "good version" of their favourite ship. If the devs think it is appropriate they also could remove the Galaxy's ability to seperate, i am also sure many fans would still be glad to have such a ship.

This Service/Console would be a complete fan service since as i have already said, the Galaxy Class is an exception because it is (unlike a T5 Constitution) Supposed to be a full T5 ship, but in game it is a real pain to fly if you are a fan of that iconic ship.

The inspiration is the parallel universe Enterprise -D from the episode Yesterday's Enterprise, which showed a much more battle ready and more badass Galaxy Class, at least not as rediculus and childish as the Galaxy -X from Q's fantasy timeline. Since such a ship would fit perfectly into STO i always felt that this ship should be in this game for a long time.
Additionally, Galaxy Class fans get the chance to have fun in STO and not just flying to most boring and lame ship in this game.

Cryptric could even sell some more Regent Class and Galaxy-R ship appearances, by just releasing one single console.
How much time does it take to crate a Mirror universe Version of a ship?
Not as much as creating a new one from scratch, i suppose.
This one also has to be bought from the C-Store AND needs to at least 2 other ships from the C-Store plus additional ship appearances. So i think this could be one of the most lucrative Mirror ship in STO.
And you know what Galaxy Class fans would buy it in order to get finally a fun to fly version of their favourite Ship in Star Trek.

Let's be honest no one really cares about canon in STO, since we got Carriers, Spacefighters and Escorts dominate this game, not to speak of almost no one using canon Starfleet uniforms. So if you consult canon or not, the Galaxy Class should be changed either way, all that it wouldn't make the galaxy Class OP, but it would make a lot of Galaxy Class fans happy.

Cryptic proved themselves with the introduction of the various mirror ships (Mirror Assault Crusier, Mirror Patrol Escort and so on), that giving a ship a different appearance won't make the game chaotic or unbalanced.

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# 2
08-04-2013, 11:13 AM
Another idea i have picked up would be to release a Multi Mission Galaxy Cruiser for the C-Store.
Ok, it wouldn't be the first Galaxy type ship sold at the C-Store, but since the other Galaxy Class ships are almost unplayable and completey underpowered compared to all other ships in STO, i think it is justifiable.
Cryptic doesn't have to remove anything, just add this as let's say another type of Exploration Cruiser, namely a Multi Mission Vessel in contrast to the Engineering Heavy Exploration Cruiser Retrofit.

This ship would actually be much closer to the "real" Galaxy Class Starship (GCS, man i love that acronym ) we saw in the shows than that miserable thing we have to endure in STO (now for more than 3 years).

It features a similar BOFF layout than the D'Deridex Warbird, but with a bigger emphasis on the Multi Mission nature of the GCS.

Tactical: Lt.Cmdr
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.Cmdr
Universal (or Engineering): Lt.

Its Console Layout is the same as the D'Deridex Warbird:
Tactical: 3
Engineering: 3
Science: 3

Additionally it comes with one [large Phaser Array MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]]
This weapon (only forward) fires once per cycle at a 300 degrees arc.

[Console - Universal - Antimatter spread], [Console - Universal - Saucer Seperation] and [large Phaser Array MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]] are the 3 part GCS set. This set is only equipable at the Exploration Cruiser retrofit or Mirror Exploration Cruiser.

2 part set Bonus
+1 turn
+5 power to all sub systems
+30 Starship Energy Weapon Damage
+30 Starship Projectile Weapon Damage

3 part Set Bonus
Clickable power, 3 min cooldown.
It fires a combined high yield Photon torpedo spread at 3 targets and fires a phaser lotus like attack with the large beam array. This 3 part set bonus is deactivated once the ship is in seperation mode.

Price: 3000 ZEN

I think the GCS in STO should have been much more like this ship from the beginning.
Since Cryptic gave much older ships or ships from the same era (D'Deridex, Galor, D'Kora) a much better BOFF/Console Layout then the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, i see no problem in introducing a alternative GCS in STO.

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# 3
08-05-2013, 03:14 AM
it okay if i post a couple of my ideas for boff layouts?

i do agree with everything you said, but a slight difference with the boffs
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# 4
08-05-2013, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by wolfbladexz View Post
it okay if i post a couple of my ideas for boff layouts?

i do agree with everything you said, but a slight difference with the boffs
You (and everyone else, of course) are welcome to do so!

I actually was hoping that other people would contribute some serious thoughts, since (i hope) we all want to get a better GCS in Star Trek Online.

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# 5
08-05-2013, 06:42 AM
It would make sense to release a Mirror Galaxy-class that has more offensive strength.. Terran starships are (almost) always more built of offense than their prime universe counterparts.
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# 6
08-05-2013, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by asardetemplari View Post
It would make sense to release a Mirror Galaxy-class that has more offensive strength.. Terran starships are (almost) always more built of offense than their prime universe counterparts.
Naming that ship "Mirror" exploration Crusier just means it is a mirror (opposite) version of the STO ship.
Since the STO universe Exploration Crusier is the least versatile ship, i think naming a much more Versatile ship "mirror" version is appropriate.

On the other hand we have seen Mirror versions of tactical focussed ships becoming science focused ones, like the Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel. So being a mirror univers ship doesn't neccesarily mean more warfare-like.
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# 7
08-05-2013, 06:00 PM
Great idea! Mirror is always more combat anyways ^^ I would buy it!
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# 8
08-06-2013, 09:36 PM
I just want to repost dontdrunkimshoots suggested GCS 3 pack. I think it's by far the best suggestion i have seen.

So in order to prevent it getting Lost in the Main Galaxy Class thread, i post it here just to play safe. I hope dontdrunk is ok with it.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
enhanced exploration cruiser retrofit 3 pack

how about a 3 pack like the andorian ship had. in this case, the galaxy class. if any ship should have 5 forward weapons, its this one. it will hardly be as big a deal if its got all beam arrays, as apposed to 5 narrow arc heavy damage weapons

(based off fleet galaxy stats)

44,000 hull
1.1 shield mod
6 turn
5/3 weapons
4/4/2 consoles
COM eng
LTC sci
LT tac
LT eng
ENS uni
special console- heavy tachyon beam (BoBW weapon, not the same pulse as 3 part maco)

command ship
44,000 hull
1.1 shield mod
6 turn
5/3 weapons
4/3/3 consoles
COM eng
LTC eng
LT tac
LT sci
ENS uni
special console- large phaser array (similar to andorian wing cannons in effect)

44,000 hull
1.1 shield mod
6 turn
5/3 weapons
4/2/4 consoles
COM eng
LTC tac
LT eng
LT sci
ENS uni
special console- torpedo high yield spread (dispersal pattern sierra?)

heavy tachyon beam click to activate ability- the heavy tachyon beam console would basically be like the normal tachyon beam, only 3 times more powerful. it would also deal knetic damage over time. this is supposed to be the attack from BoBW, different from maco 3 part, thats only a single burst, this is an over time abilty

the large phaser array would basically act like the andorian wing guns. if you have seen them in action you will understand. it should have that visual charge up effect along the array, something unfeasible for just normal array weapons but for this special weapon that only fits on this ship thats different.

it should be a 2 shot per cycle weapon and have a 360 deg firing arc, or maybe 310 degree or something, just not dead aft. it should have 4 total hard points for each of the dorsal and ventral arrays. basically the 4 corners of the array, the same palaces the saucer pet fires from if you have ever watched it in action

torpedo high yield spread click to activate ability- the torpedo high yield spread would fire photons at up to 3 targets a 4 torp spread, but it would detonate on impact, not in proximity. it would deal normal THY3 damage to each target.

2 part set bonus
+1 turn
+3 power to all sub systems
+15% power transfer rate
+ to crew recovery rate

3 part set
changes the 'torpedo high yield spread' skill into 'lets see what this galaxy class starship can do' skill. this will fire the HY torp spread, and do a phaser lotus like attack with the large beam array. the beam attack should look like this, only they should remember the change effect with each shot. 90 deg fireing arc on this

saucer separation interaction
you can use the saucer sep console on this you get from the galaxyR, but if you do its the pet that gets the long array weapon, and your left with 4/3 weapons on the separated portion if you have the long array slotted. also the 3 part ability wile separated is disabled, it reverts to the normal 'torpedo high yield spread' console power.

the galaxy R and fleet galaxy- technically, these all should be slot able on these ships. the difference would basically be the 4/4 weapon setup and the station and console setup they have

galaxyX, eventual fleet galaxyX- let them use these things as well
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# 9
08-07-2013, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
since (i hope) we all want to get a better GCS in Star Trek Online.
I don't want to get one, but I want to support the folk that do
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# 10
08-07-2013, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by similon View Post
I don't want to get one, but I want to support the folk that do
Which is just as respectable.

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