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08-08-2013, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by des101 View Post
Why are the personal rep projects capped at 20 hours? Why can't the timer be adjusted & adjust the requirements needed for the extended time?
When the reputation system was first introduced, the long cool-down timers caused everyone to rage. As a result of the long waiting periods, Cryptic rightfully reduced the timers from two days to one day. People were walking away from the game.

Second, once a reputation system project is completed, the system does not suddenly erase your progress. Regardless about when you sign on, the reputation project you set into motion will be completed. You will never-ever lose your progress, nor will the reputation system suddenly shutdown.

Cryptic should reduce the cool-down timers, for the twenty hour waiting period is too long. I have halted my alt's progress at T3, for I got tired of grinding and waiting.

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