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Legacy of Romulus Romulan Factioned crews

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what new uniforms have been added in the last year or so, ive noticed a few i havent seen and i just got back on after a year or so.
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Hey, CaptW, love the images. I've tried posting images like yours but they don't end up in the reply and I end up linking to DeviantArt. I realise I'm probably missing some vital simple step but how do you post yours in the message?
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This is my Romulan; no Federation because he is fairly generic

I decided that my Captain is considers an air of authority to be of the utmost importance, his red collar and shoulder pads are color coding because the Starfleet officers need that, and his capes are green to pay homage to the scarf that has soaked in blood at Virinat. I tried to make D'vex as Vietnam vettish as possible, Veril is ready to fix anything that might go wrong, Tovan has never really embraced the military, and Satra is dressed in a way that all my blood won't stain her doctor's clothes when she patches me (and the other crewpeople)
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Some of these look great, I've recently changed out of my Odyssey uniform and into the TNG one, I'll get some toon select shots of all mine soon and post them, I have 50 b'offs on my main so not gonna post them all!

EDIT: Just realised that not all mine show the right costume on the toon select, will grab them from the tailor at some point soon and post them.

My toons have all had some costume switch ups over time, the current ones I'm really quite happy with but I always think that and change them after a while XD

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." - Carl Sagan

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Originally Posted by drowrulesupreme View Post
Hey, CaptW, love the images. I've tried posting images like yours but they don't end up in the reply and I end up linking to DeviantArt. I realise I'm probably missing some vital simple step but how do you post yours in the message?
it's simple have to do a full reply the click the button.

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While there are several cool uniform sets in this thread, I think this is my favorite so far:

Originally Posted by ccarmichael07 View Post
I'll have to post mine here, likely this weekend.

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Ok here are mine. Yes I know my Romulan should have all Rom boffs for bonuses and Breen are Rom enemies in canon but I don't actually care.

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Took my time after realising there was a limit to images, so compiled one for all toons and crew.

All of my characters will eventually appear in my Foundry series too, as I like making and showing a back story for them, that and my Foundry series is partly based around fleet members, Irwin and Kah Fell have already starred, Firoek has had a mention and Tokath has yet to be involved.

Image is linked as it'll be too small to see in detail.

When Kortuga asked for assistance from the Federation, Firoek was displeased, after the incidents that followed the Federation's involvement with his home planet he saw that Gespik, the Kortugan Governor, seemed to be leaning toward an alliance with the Federation, it was something Firoek deeply disagreed with, he stated that there were far greater powers in the universe to seek aid from, at a meeting with the heirarchy of Kortuga which discussed forming an alliance with the Federation, Firoek voiced his displeasure with the idea, however most of the other Kortugans voiced their interest in the idea, it was at this point Firoek severed his ties with his homeworld and took a shuttle, leaving the Badlands for the first time in his life, he spent some time with Romulan refugees before he came in contact with P'Urr, a Ferasan General, after a long discussion Firoek agreed to join the KDF in their endeavours. It was there he was asked to investigate Romulan technology from the allies that the KDF had recently made from D'Tan's followers.

Kah Fell:
Found stranded on a planet in Eta Eridani, Kah Fell vowed he would destroy the ship that had his captains ship disabled in orbit, that ship was the USS Cumbria.

During his attempts to destroy the USS Cumbria he was seemingly caught and transfered to Facility 4028.

Tokath never really had a home, born on a ship of refugees after the Hobus disaster he moved around a lot, when he was young he was told about the great deeds of the Tal Shiar and how they would soon bring the Romulans back to be the power they once were, although he never really believed it, he never doubted it either, until the ship he was on was attacked by the Tal Shiar, it was after that he dyed his hair blue as a sign of rebellion against the old Romulan ways. When he got to Virinat he didn't expect to stay there for long either but soon became adjusted to life there until the colony was attacked, again by Tal Shiar, realising that the Tal Shiar would not stop their evil tirades he assisted D'Tan with the Romulan Republic and became a delegate to the Federation, he is currently assigned to assist the SRS against all threats but his personal goal is to see the end of the Tal Shiar. Since then he has changed his hair colour to a dark green as his own personal sign of respect for all of D'tan's work with New Romulus, which he now calls home.

'Accidently' taken from the 21st Century, Irwin quickly and happily adapted to Starfleet life, Irwin made a deal with a Ferengi dealer aboard the USS Celia, he would have been sent back but an attack on the ship left many of the crew including the captain injured, after helping save the ship they agreed to let him stay, although due to breaking the Temporal Prime Directive the captain and Ferengi dealer where both demoted. Back at Earth Spacedock they checked for records of him in the past, to see what damage could be caused, the only thing mentioned was a unsolved missing persons report, the future was his new home from then on.

After being assigned to a small fleet called Canis Bellum operating along the edge of the Neutral Zone, Irwin requested for Starfleet Command to reassign him, he was then sent to SRS, which he took a liking to straight away. Sticking with this new fleet he rose to the rank of Fleet XO and Marshall of their Red Squadron when the old Red Squadron Marshall was deemed unfit for duty.

After a long stay in the fleet he was entrusted with the highest position in the fleet: Fleet Commander.

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." - Carl Sagan

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