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So basicly almost everyone with a cloak ship is doing double taps stacking BO2 and BO3, and even in the queues this is taking all the fun of the game, a person does not have a chance to defend their selfs against this type of game play, because this players will kill you in 1 second, so my sugestion to make PvP balanced again and to avoid people to run this types of builds would be:

1) beam overloads even from different grades ex BO1 + BO2 or BO2 +BO3 can not stack anymore.

2) after the shoot of a beam overload can not use another beam overload for 5 seconds, this will prevent people that charge a BO3 and wait until the last second(29 second abilitie ready to fire) to fire and load another one to fire again...

i think that this 2 sugestions implemented will prevent people to 1 shoot players without giving them a chance to defend themselfs...

This is taking the fun of pvp, because all you see now is teams that have 2 romulan ships running double tap builds and them 3 healers just tanking for ever while the escorts one shoot the other team and run...

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