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# 1 Seeking KDF Alliance
08-17-2013, 04:50 AM
To all KDF Admirals/fleet owners,

DL (federation fleet) is looking for a KDF (unholy) alliance.

The (min.) requirements are;
-min. Starbase level 3, Embassy level 2, Dilithium mine level 1 (prefer 2)
-NOT 100% RP
-open minded and friendly

We have players within our ranks who are playing KDF but our KDF starbase isn't expanding well enough so we have decided to abandon the project.

Our intention is to create a full alliance. Access to (our mutual) shipyard and all other facilities for those who are member of our KDF ally but dont have a place for their fed toons. We have a private TS channel available for our ally to use when they want. Use of a combined chat channel etc. Our fleet isnt a huge one but we have PvE and PvP players and are always looking for a challenge.

If you are interested or when you have questions, please contact me by clicking my profile and PM me or send me an in-game mail:

Thanks and I hope to meet you soon!

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