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Alright, so I've run into a major issue (IMO) in regards to running the game from Steam. I bought the game via Steam, and thus have the official version (a long time ago).

Recently, as of the whole "Verizon" fiasco (or around there), the Steam Overlay no longer works. It informs all of my friends that I'm playing Star Trek Online when I bring up the Launcher, but when I hit "Engage," it does not carry that over. It no longer says I'm in Star Trek Online, nor can I access the launcher.

This is a real bummer, since I can't take screenshots via steam anymore, nor can I purchase Zen using my Steam Wallet.

Does anyone else have this issue? It's really getting annoying.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention a few things.

I've re-installed the game twice via Steam, to no avail, and "Verified Game Files" at least 4 times (each time it says that there are files that need to be fixed, and then goes about "fixing" them).

>.> Really, this needs to be fixed. Makes it hard to give them my money when they don't allow me to use Steam Wallet.
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