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Originally Posted by homerdick View Post
My fleet Defiant is named U.S.S Johnston, after the destroyer escort from the WW2 battle of Leyte Gulf. When Admiral Kurita's center force, including the Yamato, was allowed to drive unopposed right at Admiral Sprague's unit of vulnerable escort carriers, Lt Commander Evans of the U.S.S. Johnston drove full speed at the entire enemy fleet firing every gun and torpedo he had, severely damaging an IJN heavy cruiser. The other two destroyers then joined in, with the aid of the escort carriers they launched a counter attack so vicious that Admiral Kurita thought he had encountered Admiral Halsey's 3rd fleet in its entirety, so Kurita retreated. The Johnston did not survive the battle of course, but it's final act would have inspired an entire Klingon opera..

I have a USS Heermann kicking around somewhere, which was another participant in that same engagement. Heermann fired a torpedo spread that bracketed the Yamato and forced it to break away to evade, keeping it out of the fight for several minutes. Heermann was the only survivor of the destroyer screen.

My other notable ships are the Sovereign-class Bastogne, the Galaxy-R Chosin Reservoir, and the Galaxy Nathanael Greene. Seeing a pattern?
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I don't put much weight for ship names usually, but now I got D'kora for my fed sci officer, named it USS Black Pearl
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My Fleet Defiant is called the U.S.S. Atrocity because when it warps into a system you know an atrocity is about to be committed and that no survivors will be left to tell the tale
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My main is the USS Bainbridge NCC 91136, named after Commodore William Bainbridge who commanded, amongst others, the USS Constitution. One of my Alts is a Yeoman on the TOS era USS Constitution NCC 1700 and she is the Great Great Grandmother of my main character.
I've obviously put some thought into this lol
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i name my sci ships after hot actresses, the rest of them are named after various sci fi shows

although i did name my tos connie USS RetroisBadass
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For KDF, do not know what the names mean anyways, so... yeah.

For Romulans, if not using a randomly generated name, I'll select a title from the old Roman Republic / Empire. Centurion, Legate, Gladius, Praetor, Imperium, etc.

With the Feds, it's of course easy to get into specifics. A few of what I have among my many toons:

Sovereign: USS Constitution - A nod to the lead of a glorious line of ships.

Defiant: USS Apache

Prometheus/MVAE: USS Marseille - Named after a French city. It just sounds cool...

Nova: USS Oppenheimer - Named after the lead physicist of the "Manhattan Project," and a fitting name for a Science Vessel used for war.
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Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
In game I've seen hundreds if not thosends of ship names and most of them are unique. This made me curious to see if these names were chosen for a reason or just because it sounded cool.

My current ship is called U.S.S. SHIRLY WALLIS.
It's named after my mother inlaw who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Before that it was called the U.S.S. BECKS-VIER
after my favourite beer. Lol

What's yours called and why?
I name all my ships after the Greek alphabet, my main ship is named the U.S.S. Omega (the last letter of the Greek alphabet) because it's the very last thing my enemies see...
U.S.S. Omega
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Alright, so after getting a few more wonderful ships from the Summer Giveaway, I have a few more ship names.

For my Federation character:

U.S.S. Axiom (Nebula class)- There is actually a very interesting story behind this name. I am a regular participant in pen-and-paper RPG sessions, and right now, my group is doing a Star Trek campaign. The campaign is set just after the Dominion War, aboard a battered Nebula class called the Axiom, and I decided to replicate the ship in STO. Of course, if the GM ever gets back into STO and decides to buy a Nebula for herself, I might just let her have the name instead (seeing as she came up with it) and call my Nebula something different.

U.S.S. St. Lawrence (Yellowstone Runabout)- I pretty much used the name of my previous Danube Runabout and carried it over to the Yellowstone. It is so named because Runabouts, as a rule, are named after rivers, and the St. Lawrence is the most significant river in Canada.

For my KDF Orion:

I.K.S. Oricar (Orion Marauder carrier)- The Oricar is actually an Orion war-barge that plays a pivotal role in my character's backstory. Naturally, I couldn't resist creating the Oricar in-game...though given the Marauder's appearance, I was tempted to call it the I.K.S. Space Hamster instead.

I.K.S. Slann (Gorn Phalanx Science ship)- In Warhammer Fantasy, the Lizardmen race is ruled by the Slann, a species of giant, atrophied, hyperintelligent frogs who are the most powerful mages in the game. I thought the name was fitting for a reptilian science vessel.

Sor'cha (To'Duj fiighter)- Randomly-generated name. Moving on.

I.K.S. Stark (Risian Corvette)- You have three guesses as to what colours I painted this ship in.

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Originally Posted by ambassadormolari View Post
I.K.S. Stark (Risian Corvette)- You have three guesses as to what colours I painted this ship in.
Red and Yellow?
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Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post
Red and Yellow?

You win this round, takeshi6! (Shakes fist)

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