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Bringing this back since the old one died. (This thread also includes current bugs with the species.)

Still hoping for those manes and M'ress hair Cryptic.

They could do manes just like the male on the left.

Not sure why it's hard to add a long hair style to them either.

Also would like more fur patterns. Mainly those of the big cats. Like Cheetah, Tiger, Leopard ETC.
You can find the original fur pattern suggestion thread here.

Current Caitian and Ferasan issues

These bugs have been found by me or reported by other users.

Caitians and Ferasans cannot use feline hands with club wear.
Cats cannot use tails with Delta Rep armor.
Winter hats do not allow female cats to use the slit eye option.
Cats cannot use the Risian sunglasses.
Ferasan heads clip with the Honor Guard fur shoulders while using the stern stance.
Box to change face patterns does not always show up. (Only happening on Caitians at the moment.)
Winter hats cause Ferasans to lose their fangs, whiskers, and eyebrows. Also, it gives them the choice of fur colors such as brown, which is for Caitians only.
Ferasan tails clip with Honor Guard capes.
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